Download iTools for Windows 10- Update Free

iTools is the complete solution for the requirement of iOS management which operates through both Windows and Mac. So here we guide you through Download iTools for Windows 10 taking the iOS management to a whole new level with the confirmed support for all 64-bit iOS 12 supported devices.

Download iTools for Windows 10

Every device needs support from the desktop when comes to complete management. As long as you have iTunes installed, there is no trouble as it is Apple’s official solution for desktop management. But if you meet it complicated in every time you get into, there seems trouble. So use iTools as the best alternative to cover up the complete requirement which is specifically prioritizing the user ease.

Guide to Download iTools for Windows 10

You can Download iTools through both Windows and Mac. And thanks to the latest updated compatibility for Windows 10, you can now get every single feature in a faster, better and more supporting frame. The tool version supports through Windows 10 is iTools 4 which we find the most recent upgraded major tool version.

Just as the working interface appears, iTools is very easy to download and set up on the desktop. The only thing you need to do is verifying the compatibility which is essential when comes to all the rest of the processing. In fact, only if you choose the right tool download, you will get into the right benefit.

Search for iTools 4 Download and take the installer for Windows 10. With the screen instructions, run the installer on the PC and set up as you are notified.

iTools English- Language updates

Ever since iTools came into public use, it is supported in the English language. So addition to the original Chinese, here the developers of iTools target international user with its language support to English. In that way, anyone can easily manage through iTools. Even with no special guidelines, you can just watch the screen and take the installation and further processing.

What iTools Features above iTunes?

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If you are new to iTools, you may question why we need a third party iOS management software when we have original iTunes by Apple. Yes true. In fact, there are many interesting things iTools features even above Apple’s official iTunes. All above, its truly supporting interface adds a lot of points to the software making it the choice of a majority to fulfill the requirement of iOS management. From download to all processing, iTools makes a very simple flow. So unlike iTunes which targets only the advanced user, here iTools appears to be the solution for all with its flexible work frame. And iTools has no difference with your state of jailbreak or not as this comes as an all in one package for all iOS users. For iOS 12.1.3, you can now try out latest iTools 4 through Windows or Mac.

Wrap Up

If you want your iOS backups, restores, file management, sharing, editing, and everything to go with no flaws, Download iTools for Windows 10 or Mac. This is totally free and updating by time with everything that you require within iOS management.

Free Download iTools 4 Crack- Updates to Pick

iTools plays a significant role in every iOS device once you have chosen it to be your trusted management partner. In fact, iTools is the best iOS management software we find as the most effective alternative covering up all the essentials from iTunes. So considering all of the best picks under the title, let us write on Free Download iTools 4 crack and more.

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A quick look into iTools Download Windows and Mac

You can have iTools Windows and Mac for completely free expecting the same support like iTunes on making your requirement to iOS management fulfilled. And above the usual iTunes way, here iTools features the most supporting management techniques targeting all users, unlike iTunes. In fact, Apple Inc’s own program for complete management iTunes still lacks various facts to brings up the best service altogether. But here iTools comes smarter in many aspects focusing on the best user experience. Above iTunes, the program here iTools comes making the user highly satisfied in its turn. It is highly simple for anyone to easily engage with, unlike the official program iTunes. So anyone can head up with the best iOS management through this amazing free program which is not only for advanced users.

Free Download iTools 4 Crack Version

With various updates to the tool, we started getting various queries on the iTools Crack version. But we must say there is still no update to Download iTools 4 Crack at this moment. And the most recent updated tool version now is iTools in major version 4 from which the best support is given. This offers support up to iOS 12 latest firmware and confirms a reliable service at your hand. So if you are upgraded to iOS 12.1.3 latest, you can now enjoy the highest iOS management support from iTools iOS 12.1.3 free download.

What will iTools offer over iTunes?

Official iTunes has everything that you need inside the complete iOS management. But when that targets more on the advanced user base, a majority of ordinary users going to feel like not comfortable within the usage with a reasonable reason to move to a different option. And that is where you meet iTools.

Having iTools 4, you will be given the best support for the complete iOS management through PC. And addition to the basic package, you will find more customization options like Ringtone maker through this useful application. Additionally, you will get the support with a feature to complete backup, restore, manage applications, install/ uninstall apps, screen management through Airplayer, icon rearranger and many more. So simply, this is all that you can gain through iTools and for the complete requirement to iOS management. Then why you wait to grab the chance through Windows or Mac?

itools 4 2018

Wrap up

Just as always, there is all good to talk about iTools so far with how it serves the user. And soon once we get Free Download iTools 4 Crack update, we will write to you with more news. For anything, you feel not satisfied, feel free to contact us through comments.


iTools 4 English for this 2019!

If you do care about keeping iOS management under super control, you must already know about iTools. Thanks to iTools 4 English version through both Mac and Windows, you can now have a super smart iOS management experience on even your recent upgraded iPhone. To take a look at how the program is ready to fulfill your requirement, read through the quick facts.

itools 4 english

iTools 4 English through Mac and Windows

Just as iTunes, iTools is a desktop program that runs through both Windows and Mac in making successful iOS management. So there is nothing you can do all alone with the mobile as it is completely a desktop supported program. And luckily, it gives the highest compatibility through both Mac and Windows to all the iOS versions. So you can now Download iTools for Windows 10 with the highest compatibility.

To Download iTools and install on either Mac or Windows, you should not pay high efforts. In fact, it is simply to search through the latest iTools version and install on the desktop. Once the installation is over, you can use a proper USB cable and connect the iPhone to either Windows or Mac.

Why iTools over iTunes?

This is a question for many since iTools is now winning more attention over Apple’s official iTunes. The most important thing here makes the change is simplified build of the program. So those who have failed to meet the requirements easily with Apple’s official program here have shifted to the new iTools with its promise on easier techniques. In fact, iTools has made following the same iTunes techniques but offering the best iOS management in an extremely simplified frame. So you can experience the same standard iOS management here in an easier frame through iTools. This comes totally free like iTunes and will offer an even better experience of iOS monitoring.

What offers through iTools 4 Download?

When comes to the iTools features, you can be really happy over the iTunes as here iTools comes bundling an amazing set of features and functions. And there are features to customize your iPhone like Ringtone maker from which you can set any audio track you like as an original iPhone ringtone. And this is exclusively available through iTools that you can no way have through iTunes or any other. Likewise, there are more exciting features bundled with this free program to organize your files, backup any file or application and restore, experience the best of the screen with airplayer, rearrange icons with icon rearranger, edit, share and do more with image editor, manage the battery to the best with battery master and do everything.

Final words

Just as you might have already known, iTools is the most supporting tool ever in making your iOS management fulfilled. So go with iTools 4 English in this 2019 and power up the iPhone to the best. You can enjoy all the features for free expecting better functioning over the usual iTunes way. So come over and grab the best opportunity here for complete iOS management.

iTools 12.1.2 with the most supporting Features!

If you like to keep a stable iOS run with the up to date upgrade, you must be now on iOS 12.1.2 latest by Apple. So why wait to look into iTools 12.1.2? This is the complete guide on how to keep the complete iOS management with the latest features and techniques to the right proportion.

iTools iOS 12.1.2

iOS 12.1.2 is a little time old in the iOS chapters and meets all the 64-bit devices as the latest firmware option available. At a glance, the latest iOS 12.1.2 is considered another minor scale update to the operating system addressing under the hood improvements and some of the previously reported problems. So anyone needs to continue through a stable operating system run can Download iOS 12.1.2 over the air or through iTunes. And then, keep the rest of the things under management for iTools which is now with the best features and confirmed stability for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iTools iOS 12.1.2 is ready!

The best thing highlights in iTools is its supporting interface where anyone can easily meet the fulfillment. In fact, iTools has so many additional benefits above Apple’s iTunes including the simple work structure. Unlike iTunes by Apple itself, here iTools prioritizes the simple structure in front of the user fitting anyone’s needs. So it is not a program dedicated to the advanced users. In fact, it is the most supportive way exists today in keeping all your iOS management under control.

Thanks to the continuous updates received by iTools Download, the program suits the best in any one’s hand. So with iOS 12.1.2 now in public, you can get the latest updated features and techniques here on keeping your iOS 12.1.2 runs smoother. And this is more supporting than Apple’s own iTunes making the user more relaxed and stress-free throughout the session. So give thanks to the iTools developers for making everything simpler on iOS.

Video review  to iTools Download

iTools 4 with more in 2019

With every major update, developers are planning something major on iTools. So in the times ahead, you will be able to experience a lot improved iOS management for the same no-cost frame. In fact, iTools is a completely free program that will continue to support through Mac and Windows. So start turning to the right way with the latest possible iTools version. But remember that there is no way you can Download iTools directly on mobile as this follows the same techniques of iTunes as a desktop management software.

Are you ready to Download iTools 4?


iTools 4 is the current latest major update continue to serve all the iOS users as of this moment. having this, you can experience the most stable iOS management with the support of amazing features like backup, restore, Airplayer, icon arranger, image tool, best files management, customization features like Ringtone maker and etc. So if you need your iOS 12.1.2 to have a smooth run with all the complimented features, Download iTools iOS 12.1.2 and enjoy. For anything not clear, make sure to write us to get comprehensive updates.

Download iTools 2019 with Best iOS Management Techniques

Standing above Apple’s official solution for iOS management, iTools here comes bringing the best compatibility for all iOS users. Just as trusted so far, keep the focus on the track to Download iTools 2019 to make your iOS device satisfied with the best iOS management techniques. Read on and learn more about what to come in your way in 2019.

Download iTools 2019

Apple has recently released the firmware iOS 12.1.2 in targetting all the 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. So for the time being, iOS 12.1.2 is the firmware signs latest in both over the air and iTunes way. And this comes focusing a fix on eSIM issue has caused trouble on all three compatible iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. And also it fixes trouble reported in cellular connectivity in Turkey for all three same flagship handsets. So if you had been facing the issue and was worried about your iOS run, here you are the solution from Apple.

iTools iOS 12.1.2

Soon with the Apple’s update to iOS, iTools brings the fitting update. So you can now have iTools Download for iOS 12.1.2 latest firmware either through Windows or Mac connectivity. But still, there is no access to iTools directly from mobile as it comes fulfilling the exact requirement of iTunes by Apple. So it is totally a desktop program that supports through Windows and Mac to keep the complete iOS management fulfilled.

Are you ready to Download iTools 2019?

If you are an iOS user, you must know what the all responsibility for iTunes to keep your iOS management free of hassles. But when that happens to be the quite complicated program for the advanced user except for the targetted crowd, we found many of the users are moving from it.

itools 4

And that is where we met iTools with the most comprehensive interface and with identical features and functions to Apple’s own iTunes. But the most significant thing here is its all ease at handling together with some of the additional benefits. In fact, iTools brings the best of iTunes together with some more. So rather than turning it into words, you are invited here to take the experience your own. And with its word of promise for all the firmware and device support, there is nothing left to worry about. So we wholeheartedly recommend iTools Download for your requirement of the complete iOS management.

Video Guide to iTools Free

Installs iTools Windows and Mac

As above stated, iTools can only be handled through the desktop. So if you want iTools to run for your iOS in fulfilling the complete management, turn the latest iTools version wither through Windows or Mac. It is free and extremely easy to install through the installer and make all well performing. But make sure you are choosing the right pair of versions here to have the best functioning together. If you choose to Download iTools 2019 latest, make sure you are choosing the latest version of Windows or Mac in the other way. And do not forget to share your experience here through comments encouraging more to have the best iOS management experience on the latest iOS.

Best iTools Features to get inspired

Choosing iTools for the complete iOS management is supporting with a number of reasons. And certainly, there is a part separately for features you can take within the work frame making iTools worth downloading for any iOS user. So get with the complete note on Best iTools Features and learn how to process through all the functions free and easy.

best itools features

iTools is popular as the most trusted iOS management tool that brings many of iTunes-like features on the iTools functioning frame. And most importantly, everything here appears easier and more comfortable than with iTunes own by Apple. So you can trust iTools Free Download to the same amount like Apple’s official iTunes, but the significant difference is user ease the developers here focus for. So in that concern, having this free program through Mac or Windows is a great benefit by your side to get with the best iOS management.

Best iTools Features to Grab

As the best free alternative to Apple’s own iTunes, iTools consists of a number of useful features and functions to fulfill the requirement of complete iOS management. So we here going to take you through all the significant iTools features to learn about how important to have iTools downloaded to keep up the complete iOS management.

  • iTools Airplayer– providing the best screen experience to the user, Airplayer feature is now offering through iTools. This allows having a vast screen experience also with the capability to screen sharing
  • Battery Master– having a good battery life is very important to keep fine iOS run. So use the best battery master feature to keep up the proper battery state. It will give you a complete report about the battery strength, SN value, real capacity, temperature, charging cycle and some more
  • Image tool– through this simple feature, you can organize all your images properly. This will lead you through the best sharing capabilities also with the advanced editing tips. And also, this will allow previewing images in the original resolution
  • Backup and restore– the support for complete backup and restore is must which is advantageous in many situations even in your daily work. So this includes complete backup support also with application backups. And this will help to restore safely with no damage to your data
  • Files explorer– this is again a must-have feature for iOS users from which the complete file management support is given. having this through iTools, you can keep all your files well-organized, properly listed and also with the access to delete or add easily
  • Ringtone Maker– customization is one of the very important things you wish to handle through a desktop management tool. So here you have iTools exclusive features like Ringtone maker through which you can set your Ringtone with your own voice and audio clips just like how are allowed to set the official ringtone on iOS

Final words

Just like all these features mentioned, you will have some more in making the requirement of iOS management fulfilled. So if you are happy about the Best iTools Features in the package with the latest iTools 4, take your turn with this amazing free program either through Mac or Windows.



Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 for the Complete iOS Management

With the iPhone, you can manage a lot of things easily. But when you need the desktop supported companion for the rest of things, what would prefer? Above Apple’s official iTunes, here we are bringing you the Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 with the complete iOS management. Take a look at how it works.

free itools iOS 12.1.1

If we take a look at the requirement of iOS management, we find a lot of things inside. In fact, it is not just taking a backup, restore, data transfer etc. But there are many things you can manage with a proper iOS management program. For this, Apple gives iTunes with a fine work frame. But knowing it is complicated, we now have the access to the latest trend of iOS management calling iTunes.

About iTools Download

Just as we have brought you so far under various titles and discussions, iTools is the complete iOS management solution with identical features and functions to iTunes by Apple. But the most important thing here about iTools is its simple build which makes the user easily engage with the complete iOS management.

Unlike iTunes which targets the advanced user, here iTools focuses on all the users. So even for a very beginner, iTools can be recommended to have the complete iOS management. It is free and available in different tool versions prioritizing the user ease. For the moment, iTools 4 is found the latest major update for the program under which we get the minor updates with respect to the Apple’s firmware lineup. You can now get iTools iOS 12.1 for the firmware now signs on all 64-bit device to enjoy the complete iOS management.

Free iTools iOS 12.1.1

If you like to enjoy smooth iOS run on your iPhone, you must be looking for the updated iOS 12.1.1 which is promised next. At a glance, it is a minor scale update to the operating system but with some important fixes and improvements. So sooner than later, the update will be in the hand of the public bundling a number of Facetime improvements and more. Once you get, you can take the support of iTools iOS 12.1.1, and get with the complete iOS management.

iTools Features and Functions

Above the official iTunes, the program iTools bundles amazingly helpful features and function starting from backups to the entire files management. In fact, the latest iTools version has advanced editing features, customization through ringtone maker and etc. So you can make your backups faster, have restores safely, take a complete look into battery management, have files in the right location and do whatever required so easily and effectively. Then, we recommend you to have iTools for free in getting all your iOS management replacing iTunes.

Are you waiting to take iOS 12.1.1 on iPhone? Then what do you think about having Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 through Windows or Mac? Tell us your views about how iTools can be trusted over iTunes.

Beginners’ Guide to Free iTools Download

We have written to you with various iTools guides making you easily get closer with the best iOS management tool. But targeting those who are new to get into the chapter, we here bringing the beginners’ guide Free iTools Download. If you want your iOS to have the complete management within the most comfortable frame, here you get the chance with iTools. Read the basic guidelines and start your move with the smartest program.

free iTools download

Who can trust Free iTools Download for iOS?

The main purpose of developing iTools is giving the best alternative to Apple’s own iTunes. In fact, iTools considered the user ease at situations iTunes has made the user feel complicated in the times previous. So the main purpose of iTools is to work on the areas Apple has prioritized less on user comfort. It can then be taken as the solution over iTunes complications from which the user is given the complete iOS management support.

In considering the iTools compatibility, we have the highest satisfaction here. In fact, iTools provides the user with the best support being the most compatible program for iOS management. In fact, iTools has an interesting package of features even above the Apple’s official iTunes. So Anyone on any iOS firmware can use this program in the requirement of complete iOS management. And it supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod devices in the same word of success as the best solution for complete management.

iTools Download through Windows and Mac

iTools is a desktop program just like iTunes. So you cannot directly take any function on the device itself as this must involve PC connections here in order to continue through any processing. And for the happy fact, iTools works through both Windows and Mac. So anyone can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the Windows PC or Mac to continue through any function.

iTools 4 latest

The latest major update for iTools is iTools 4 from which the highest device and firmware compatibility is given. For iOS 12 users, now iTools brings up the best support through the update of version 4. And comparatively, this is extremely stable for any processing together with additional feature support. In fact, it includes features to easier backup, safe restores, complete files management, desktop management, battery management, image editing, icon arranging and so much more.


So if you ever wish to take iTools in the place of iTunes, you are recommended to move with iTools 4 latest. It now brings support for latest iOS 12 as well with the highest support in features and functions.

Final words

iTools is a great asset for anyone in the requirement for complete iOS management. So continue through Free iTools Download through Mac or Windows and start up your function. This is free as always and will be working with the best support regardless of the state of jailbreak or not. And give all thanks to iTools developers for all constant updates and giving the complete rights for free. So stay tuned for more news.

iTools 2019 to begin a new chapter

iTools is the best program for the complete iOS management for which we have the most useful package of features and functions. Above the Apple’s own program iTunes, here the developing team of iTools focuses on better work frame. It is simpler and 100% supportive for any user. So here we take a look at iTools 2019 which is going to be ready in the coming year serving even better for the comfort of all iOS users.

iTools 2019

As of this writing, iOS 12.1 is out for the public use and Apple continues testing iOS 12.1.1 through beta. The update is available for all 64-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models bundling an amazing set of features and improvements. And thanks to iTools latest version, all these features and functions are easily manageable to take the best out of the operating system experience.

iTools 2019 to come

With every new iTools version, developers focus on more power and steadiness. So iTools for 2018 was pretty much better with iTools 4 update by serving all the iOS firmware and iDevices with the best. And with that, we could expect iTools 2019 to be even better in the framework with improved functions. And it can be expected to support to the latest Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR also with more firmware ahead to launch. In simply, iTools will be updated as always to serve all the iOS users in the complete requirement of iOS management.

iTools Features over iTunes

The most significant feature iTools always maintain is a simple structure. In fact, it is coming in the same form of iTunes but with better comfort. Although it looks identical, it is easier when comes to the performance. So at a time, Apple focuses on the advanced user base through iTunes, iTools tries to prevent the user from moving to a different solution. So every iOS user can use iTools features very comfortably with no complaints. And that brings no harm to your data as it is in the role of management rather than involving on your personal data. So it is 100% safe and could keep trust just like on iTunes itself.

iTools for iOS 12

itools 4 2018

iTools is a free solution that receives updates with respect to firmware updates. So by now, iTools for iOS 12 is ready for all users in keeping your battery in good health, files under proper management, experience advanced editing, keep doing desktop management, have advanced customization and many more. And all these attractive features come free for any firmware or device model. But make sure you are downloading iTools compatible program version to get the best of its features and functions.

Summary of the note

All these simply means how important iTools 2019 for your iDevice through Windows or Mac to keep all your iOS management under super control. So enjoy iTools over iTunes ending up the complicated sessions you so far experienced. It is free and will support all your iOS firmware and device models. So enjoy iTools free and leave a comment below about your experience through this useful utility.

Are you ready for iTools iOS 12.1.1?

With every update Apple brings to the user, we find a new trend to iTools. Considering the upcoming iOS 12.1.1 minor update, here it is the turn to iTools iOS 12.1.1. So let us consider all the facts around new iTools update with updates to its features and functions.

iTools 12.1.1

iTools has a very long time relationship with iOS serving for the right requirement of iOS management. The tool supports in the complete backup, restores, files management, image editing through image tool, battery management, desktop monitoring, and many more. And also supporting the best customization privileges, you may have features like Ringtone maker here from which you can set your audio clips, recordings as your official Ringtone of the iPhone.

iOS 12.1.1 in Beta Testing

Soon after iOS 12.1 released, we come to meet iOS 12.1.1 as its first minor scale update. And at this moment, anyone signs for the official Apple beta testing program can enjoy all changes coming through iOS 12.1.1 latest. And it says, adding up the feature that lets you take a Live Photo even when you are on a FaceTime call as an improvement to FaceTime interface.

Also, there is a re-designed bottom bar which supports in quick reach buttons with the support for muting a call and camera flipping. And with the conversation participants, there is sliding up on the bottom bar as an additional support. With these features to FaceTime, we also find an update to Apple News where the user is allowed to hide the sidebar if required.

Sign up free for the official beta testing program and get the chance to see all upcoming beta updates by Apple for iOS.

iTools 12.1.1

iTools iOS 12.1.1 Updates

iTools is the perfect solution for all iOS users in getting into the complete iOS management. So with respect to the latest iOS 12.1.1 firmware, iTools iOS 12.1.1 Download will be available supporting with many more features and functions. And in concerned the stability, you will be offered a fine improvement here with the new update. Then, as always it is used to be, the program will support all of the device variants that support the firmware respective.

iTools 4 latest through Windows and Mac

iTools 4 is the latest update under major version available for iTools users for the time being. And above iTools 3 previous, this has a lot of improvements and also with various additions. In fact, iTools 4 has exclusive features above the official iTunes for making an outstanding experience to the user. And once you get into the right track of iTools, you will not look back into iTunes. In fact, iTools is such a supporting program for the complete iOS management which is the best free alternative one can have in the place of iTunes.

itools 4

iTools supports through Windows and Mac. So you should have the PC or Mac prepared to run iTools for your requirement of iOS management. But always check the compatibility to make out the best of it.

Winding Up

iTools can make your requirement of iOS management fulfilled. So be ready to see the update of iTools iOS 12.1.1 under iTools 4 latest.