Best iTools Features to get inspired

Choosing iTools for the complete iOS management is supporting with a number of reasons. And certainly, there is a part separately for features you can take within the work frame making iTools worth downloading for any iOS user. So get with the complete note on Best iTools Features and learn how to process through all the functions free and easy.

best itools features

iTools is popular as the most trusted iOS management tool that brings many of iTunes-like features on the iTools functioning frame. And most importantly, everything here appears easier and more comfortable than with iTunes own by Apple. So you can trust iTools Free Download to the same amount like Apple’s official iTunes, but the significant difference is user ease the developers here focus for. So in that concern, having this free program through Mac or Windows is a great benefit by your side to get with the best iOS management.

Best iTools Features to Grab

As the best free alternative to Apple’s own iTunes, iTools consists of a number of useful features and functions to fulfill the requirement of complete iOS management. So we here going to take you through all the significant iTools features to learn about how important to have iTools downloaded to keep up the complete iOS management.

  • iTools Airplayer– providing the best screen experience to the user, Airplayer feature is now offering through iTools. This allows having a vast screen experience also with the capability to screen sharing
  • Battery Master– having a good battery life is very important to keep fine iOS run. So use the best battery master feature to keep up the proper battery state. It will give you a complete report about the battery strength, SN value, real capacity, temperature, charging cycle and some more
  • Image tool– through this simple feature, you can organize all your images properly. This will lead you through the best sharing capabilities also with the advanced editing tips. And also, this will allow previewing images in the original resolution
  • Backup and restore– the support for complete backup and restore is must which is advantageous in many situations even in your daily work. So this includes complete backup support also with application backups. And this will help to restore safely with no damage to your data
  • Files explorer– this is again a must-have feature for iOS users from which the complete file management support is given. having this through iTools, you can keep all your files well-organized, properly listed and also with the access to delete or add easily
  • Ringtone Maker– customization is one of the very important things you wish to handle through a desktop management tool. So here you have iTools exclusive features like Ringtone maker through which you can set your Ringtone with your own voice and audio clips just like how are allowed to set the official ringtone on iOS

Final words

Just like all these features mentioned, you will have some more in making the requirement of iOS management fulfilled. So if you are happy about the Best iTools Features in the package with the latest iTools 4, take your turn with this amazing free program either through Mac or Windows.



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