Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 for the Complete iOS Management

With the iPhone, you can manage a lot of things easily. But when you need the desktop supported companion for the rest of things, what would prefer? Above Apple’s official iTunes, here we are bringing you the Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 with the complete iOS management. Take a look at how it works.

free itools iOS 12.1.1

If we take a look at the requirement of iOS management, we find a lot of things inside. In fact, it is not just taking a backup, restore, data transfer etc. But there are many things you can manage with a proper iOS management program. For this, Apple gives iTunes with a fine work frame. But knowing it is complicated, we now have the access to the latest trend of iOS management calling iTunes.

About iTools Download

Just as we have brought you so far under various titles and discussions, iTools is the complete iOS management solution with identical features and functions to iTunes by Apple. But the most important thing here about iTools is its simple build which makes the user easily engage with the complete iOS management.

Unlike iTunes which targets the advanced user, here iTools focuses on all the users. So even for a very beginner, iTools can be recommended to have the complete iOS management. It is free and available in different tool versions prioritizing the user ease. For the moment, iTools 4 is found the latest major update for the program under which we get the minor updates with respect to the Apple’s firmware lineup. You can now get iTools iOS 12.1 for the firmware now signs on all 64-bit device to enjoy the complete iOS management.

Free iTools iOS 12.1.1

If you like to enjoy smooth iOS run on your iPhone, you must be looking for the updated iOS 12.1.1 which is promised next. At a glance, it is a minor scale update to the operating system but with some important fixes and improvements. So sooner than later, the update will be in the hand of the public bundling a number of Facetime improvements and more. Once you get, you can take the support of iTools iOS 12.1.1, and get with the complete iOS management.

iTools Features and Functions

Above the official iTunes, the program iTools bundles amazingly helpful features and function starting from backups to the entire files management. In fact, the latest iTools version has advanced editing features, customization through ringtone maker and etc. So you can make your backups faster, have restores safely, take a complete look into battery management, have files in the right location and do whatever required so easily and effectively. Then, we recommend you to have iTools for free in getting all your iOS management replacing iTunes.

Are you waiting to take iOS 12.1.1 on iPhone? Then what do you think about having Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 through Windows or Mac? Tell us your views about how iTools can be trusted over iTunes.

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