Beginners’ Guide to Free iTools Download

We have written to you with various iTools guides making you easily get closer with the best iOS management tool. But targeting those who are new to get into the chapter, we here bringing the beginners’ guide Free iTools Download. If you want your iOS to have the complete management within the most comfortable frame, here you get the chance with iTools. Read the basic guidelines and start your move with the smartest program.

free iTools download

Who can trust Free iTools Download for iOS?

The main purpose of developing iTools is giving the best alternative to Apple’s own iTunes. In fact, iTools considered the user ease at situations iTunes has made the user feel complicated in the times previous. So the main purpose of iTools is to work on the areas Apple has prioritized less on user comfort. It can then be taken as the solution over iTunes complications from which the user is given the complete iOS management support.

In considering the iTools compatibility, we have the highest satisfaction here. In fact, iTools provides the user with the best support being the most compatible program for iOS management. In fact, iTools has an interesting package of features even above the Apple’s official iTunes. So Anyone on any iOS firmware can use this program in the requirement of complete iOS management. And it supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod devices in the same word of success as the best solution for complete management.

iTools Download through Windows and Mac

iTools is a desktop program just like iTunes. So you cannot directly take any function on the device itself as this must involve PC connections here in order to continue through any processing. And for the happy fact, iTools works through both Windows and Mac. So anyone can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the Windows PC or Mac to continue through any function.

iTools 4 latest

The latest major update for iTools is iTools 4 from which the highest device and firmware compatibility is given. For iOS 12 users, now iTools brings up the best support through the update of version 4. And comparatively, this is extremely stable for any processing together with additional feature support. In fact, it includes features to easier backup, safe restores, complete files management, desktop management, battery management, image editing, icon arranging and so much more.


So if you ever wish to take iTools in the place of iTunes, you are recommended to move with iTools 4 latest. It now brings support for latest iOS 12 as well with the highest support in features and functions.

Final words

iTools is a great asset for anyone in the requirement for complete iOS management. So continue through Free iTools Download through Mac or Windows and start up your function. This is free as always and will be working with the best support regardless of the state of jailbreak or not. And give all thanks to iTools developers for all constant updates and giving the complete rights for free. So stay tuned for more news.

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