Are you ready for iTools iOS 12.1.1?

With every update Apple brings to the user, we find a new trend to iTools. Considering the upcoming iOS 12.1.1 minor update, here it is the turn to iTools iOS 12.1.1. So let us consider all the facts around new iTools update with updates to its features and functions.

iTools 12.1.1

iTools has a very long time relationship with iOS serving for the right requirement of iOS management. The tool supports in the complete backup, restores, files management, image editing through image tool, battery management, desktop monitoring, and many more. And also supporting the best customization privileges, you may have features like Ringtone maker here from which you can set your audio clips, recordings as your official Ringtone of the iPhone.

iOS 12.1.1 in Beta Testing

Soon after iOS 12.1 released, we come to meet iOS 12.1.1 as its first minor scale update. And at this moment, anyone signs for the official Apple beta testing program can enjoy all changes coming through iOS 12.1.1 latest. And it says, adding up the feature that lets you take a Live Photo even when you are on a FaceTime call as an improvement to FaceTime interface.

Also, there is a re-designed bottom bar which supports in quick reach buttons with the support for muting a call and camera flipping. And with the conversation participants, there is sliding up on the bottom bar as an additional support. With these features to FaceTime, we also find an update to Apple News where the user is allowed to hide the sidebar if required.

Sign up free for the official beta testing program and get the chance to see all upcoming beta updates by Apple for iOS.

iTools 12.1.1

iTools iOS 12.1.1 Updates

iTools is the perfect solution for all iOS users in getting into the complete iOS management. So with respect to the latest iOS 12.1.1 firmware, iTools iOS 12.1.1 Download will be available supporting with many more features and functions. And in concerned the stability, you will be offered a fine improvement here with the new update. Then, as always it is used to be, the program will support all of the device variants that support the firmware respective.

iTools 4 latest through Windows and Mac

iTools 4 is the latest update under major version available for iTools users for the time being. And above iTools 3 previous, this has a lot of improvements and also with various additions. In fact, iTools 4 has exclusive features above the official iTunes for making an outstanding experience to the user. And once you get into the right track of iTools, you will not look back into iTunes. In fact, iTools is such a supporting program for the complete iOS management which is the best free alternative one can have in the place of iTunes.

itools 4

iTools supports through Windows and Mac. So you should have the PC or Mac prepared to run iTools for your requirement of iOS management. But always check the compatibility to make out the best of it.

Winding Up

iTools can make your requirement of iOS management fulfilled. So be ready to see the update of iTools iOS 12.1.1 under iTools 4 latest.

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