iTools 4 for iOS 12 Complete Management

To keep the complete iOS management, Apple’s official solution is iTunes. But soon once you come across its various complications, you started looking for alternative options. That is where iTools 4 comes to the public which is the latest and most developed version of the iTools program. It comes completely free to the user’s hand with the most supportive scripts.



The functions of iTools become updated with the changes of firmware and requirements of the user. So iTools has the power of talking to the user through the exact requirement. Most importantly, it is feature-rich and supportive for all-purpose in concern iOS management.

iTools 4 Update in Public

iTools is the best free alternative to iTunes supporting the complete iOS management. The program iTools is made of all the essential features and functions just as Apple wanted to handle through iTunes. But here, the importance of iTools is its simplicity where any user can easily process through any function. So in case if you have messed with iTunes times before, here you can have the solution through iTools Free.

One of the best features of iTools is its continuous updates. You will now get iTools 4 as the latest which is with various versions inside including the latest support for iOS 12. And in the side of the compatibility, iTools 4 brings the highest support here up to the latest iOS 12.

iTools 4 Features and Functions

As the latest, iTools 4 is the most recommended iTools version for anyone as of this writing from which you are given the highest device and firmware support. So learn here all the updated features of iTools 4 which are ready to serve best in making your iOS experience better.

  • iTools Airplayer– for the best screen experience Airplayer is placed in iTools. This feature lets you share the screen and enjoy the big screen experience
  • Data migration– iTools offers the speediest data migration for iDevices and also with support for iOS to Android and in return. Unlike some other ways, we could recommend iTools data migration feature for anyone to experience the best data sharing

itools 4

  • Battery Master– Battery management is one of the extremely useful features coming with the iTools program that tells you about how your battery is feeling up to the date. In fact, Battery Master feature of iTools shows all the right particulars about the battery state, temperature, SN value, actual capacity, and more similar. Simply, Battery Master feature of iTools tells how your battery life is going and how should you take care of it
  • Backup and Restore– This is one of the very often used functions from the iTools program which you need to have for the right moment. Better than Apple’s own iTunes, here iTools brings the smartest backup support for all the data including the applications. And in the side of restoring, you can also keep trust on iTools where your device will be safely restored with all data
  • iTools image tool– image tool coming in iTools is also another important feature which helps you with sharing images between PC and Mac also with more supportive functions. And it allows you to preview images in the original resolution with some more function supports. In fact, the tool has the opportunity to organize image locations, its order, make or delete image albums, move images between locations, folders, get advanced edits, delete or even copy images

iTools 4

  • iTools Ringtone Maker– Customization is one of the great opportunities with iTools. So with Ringtone Maker, you can create your own ringtone and put it as the original. In case if you feel bored with what is already coming in the default frame, you can try here the Ringtone Maker to make your voice clip or anything your ringtone of the iPhone
  • Files Manager– this is one of the most wanted features for your iDevice from which the complete files management is done. This feature comes smartly in adding files, removing files from a folder, copy files, or with advanced edit opportunities. With the updated iTools 4, you are allowed to enjoy the drag and drop functionality here for removing and locating data between the smart device and the PC
  • Icon Arranger– with hundreds of icons on your screen, you will have a lot of things to manage. So arrange them and properly manage through big screen with the support of the iTools icon arranger

itools 4 download

Device Support for iTools 4

When comes to the device compatibility, we find a major advancement here with iTools giving the best compatibility for all the device variants. In fact, the updated iTools 4 version brings the support for all the device models including the latest. So unlike Apple’s own iTunes that work less effectively on older device models, here iTools comes supporting equally. And with that, we could recommend iTools for all users through Windows and Mac. The program supports both 32 and 64-bit operating systems making the program widely used.

Will iTools work on Jailbroken iDevices?

The program here brings no difference with the fact jailbroken or none-jailbroken. In fact, iTools treats the same on both the jailbroken and none-jailbroken devices. For more, it can be said the same system that going to operate on both the device types. So even on a jailbroken device, you will have a lot of advantages with iTools Download. And that will not require anything additional to process and will come exact same as on a none-jailbroken device.

How to Download iTools 4?

Just as Apple’s official solution iTunes, iTools here comes in a familiar work interface. So it is extremely easy to get with iTools functioning. And if you still doubt about what would the steps be like, here we make the job easier.

  • Step 1: Download the latest iTools version on the PC or Mac
  • Step 2: Run the installation with the screen instructions and wait for several seconds
  • Step 3: Now, connect the device to the PC through a proper USB and launch the iTools interface
  • Step 4: Wait for the program to identify the connected device and get with the initial settings up
  • Step 5: Now go to various iTool categories and run features one by one as per your requirement

Likewise, you can easily run any iTools feature through Windows PC or Mac. And most importantly, everything here comes for free and without any complication. So rather than taking yourself through various complicated processes, iTools is the most comfortable way one could drive through. It offers various versions for various device models. So you can easily choose any iTools version to process with respect to the compatibility. But you should always take the whole processing at your own risk.

iTools iOS 11.4.1

Final Words

Considering the whole story, we could wholeheartedly recommend iTools 4 for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod to keep the complete and clear management. With compared to Apple’s own iTunes, iTools has more attraction from the user even with the very first look into it. The reason is its ultimate freedom within the work frame where the user can freely contribute through various functions. In fact, iTools 4 is the most advanced iTools version for the moment from which the highest device and firmware support is given.

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