Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 for the Complete iOS Management

With the iPhone, you can manage a lot of things easily. But when you need the desktop supported companion for the rest of things, what would prefer? Above Apple’s official iTunes, here we are bringing you the Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 with the complete iOS management. Take a look at how it works.

free itools iOS 12.1.1

If we take a look at the requirement of iOS management, we find a lot of things inside. In fact, it is not just taking a backup, restore, data transfer etc. But there are many things you can manage with a proper iOS management program. For this, Apple gives iTunes with a fine work frame. But knowing it is complicated, we now have the access to the latest trend of iOS management calling iTunes.

About iTools Download

Just as we have brought you so far under various titles and discussions, iTools is the complete iOS management solution with identical features and functions to iTunes by Apple. But the most important thing here about iTools is its simple build which makes the user easily engage with the complete iOS management.

Unlike iTunes which targets the advanced user, here iTools focuses on all the users. So even for a very beginner, iTools can be recommended to have the complete iOS management. It is free and available in different tool versions prioritizing the user ease. For the moment, iTools 4 is found the latest major update for the program under which we get the minor updates with respect to the Apple’s firmware lineup. You can now get iTools iOS 12.1 for the firmware now signs on all 64-bit device to enjoy the complete iOS management.

Free iTools iOS 12.1.1

If you like to enjoy smooth iOS run on your iPhone, you must be looking for the updated iOS 12.1.1 which is promised next. At a glance, it is a minor scale update to the operating system but with some important fixes and improvements. So sooner than later, the update will be in the hand of the public bundling a number of Facetime improvements and more. Once you get, you can take the support of iTools iOS 12.1.1, and get with the complete iOS management.

iTools Features and Functions

Above the official iTunes, the program iTools bundles amazingly helpful features and function starting from backups to the entire files management. In fact, the latest iTools version has advanced editing features, customization through ringtone maker and etc. So you can make your backups faster, have restores safely, take a complete look into battery management, have files in the right location and do whatever required so easily and effectively. Then, we recommend you to have iTools for free in getting all your iOS management replacing iTunes.

Are you waiting to take iOS 12.1.1 on iPhone? Then what do you think about having Free iTools iOS 12.1.1 through Windows or Mac? Tell us your views about how iTools can be trusted over iTunes.

Beginners’ Guide to Free iTools Download

We have written to you with various iTools guides making you easily get closer with the best iOS management tool. But targeting those who are new to get into the chapter, we here bringing the beginners’ guide Free iTools Download. If you want your iOS to have the complete management within the most comfortable frame, here you get the chance with iTools. Read the basic guidelines and start your move with the smartest program.

free iTools download

Who can trust Free iTools Download for iOS?

The main purpose of developing iTools is giving the best alternative to Apple’s own iTunes. In fact, iTools considered the user ease at situations iTunes has made the user feel complicated in the times previous. So the main purpose of iTools is to work on the areas Apple has prioritized less on user comfort. It can then be taken as the solution over iTunes complications from which the user is given the complete iOS management support.

In considering the iTools compatibility, we have the highest satisfaction here. In fact, iTools provides the user with the best support being the most compatible program for iOS management. In fact, iTools has an interesting package of features even above the Apple’s official iTunes. So Anyone on any iOS firmware can use this program in the requirement of complete iOS management. And it supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod devices in the same word of success as the best solution for complete management.

iTools Download through Windows and Mac

iTools is a desktop program just like iTunes. So you cannot directly take any function on the device itself as this must involve PC connections here in order to continue through any processing. And for the happy fact, iTools works through both Windows and Mac. So anyone can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the Windows PC or Mac to continue through any function.

iTools 4 latest

The latest major update for iTools is iTools 4 from which the highest device and firmware compatibility is given. For iOS 12 users, now iTools brings up the best support through the update of version 4. And comparatively, this is extremely stable for any processing together with additional feature support. In fact, it includes features to easier backup, safe restores, complete files management, desktop management, battery management, image editing, icon arranging and so much more.


So if you ever wish to take iTools in the place of iTunes, you are recommended to move with iTools 4 latest. It now brings support for latest iOS 12 as well with the highest support in features and functions.

Final words

iTools is a great asset for anyone in the requirement for complete iOS management. So continue through Free iTools Download through Mac or Windows and start up your function. This is free as always and will be working with the best support regardless of the state of jailbreak or not. And give all thanks to iTools developers for all constant updates and giving the complete rights for free. So stay tuned for more news.

iTools 2019 to begin a new chapter

iTools is the best program for the complete iOS management for which we have the most useful package of features and functions. Above the Apple’s own program iTunes, here the developing team of iTools focuses on better work frame. It is simpler and 100% supportive for any user. So here we take a look at iTools 2019 which is going to be ready in the coming year serving even better for the comfort of all iOS users.

iTools 2019

As of this writing, iOS 12.1 is out for the public use and Apple continues testing iOS 12.1.1 through beta. The update is available for all 64-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models bundling an amazing set of features and improvements. And thanks to iTools latest version, all these features and functions are easily manageable to take the best out of the operating system experience.

iTools 2019 to come

With every new iTools version, developers focus on more power and steadiness. So iTools for 2018 was pretty much better with iTools 4 update by serving all the iOS firmware and iDevices with the best. And with that, we could expect iTools 2019 to be even better in the framework with improved functions. And it can be expected to support to the latest Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR also with more firmware ahead to launch. In simply, iTools will be updated as always to serve all the iOS users in the complete requirement of iOS management.

iTools Features over iTunes

The most significant feature iTools always maintain is a simple structure. In fact, it is coming in the same form of iTunes but with better comfort. Although it looks identical, it is easier when comes to the performance. So at a time, Apple focuses on the advanced user base through iTunes, iTools tries to prevent the user from moving to a different solution. So every iOS user can use iTools features very comfortably with no complaints. And that brings no harm to your data as it is in the role of management rather than involving on your personal data. So it is 100% safe and could keep trust just like on iTunes itself.

iTools for iOS 12

itools 4 2018

iTools is a free solution that receives updates with respect to firmware updates. So by now, iTools for iOS 12 is ready for all users in keeping your battery in good health, files under proper management, experience advanced editing, keep doing desktop management, have advanced customization and many more. And all these attractive features come free for any firmware or device model. But make sure you are downloading iTools compatible program version to get the best of its features and functions.

Summary of the note

All these simply means how important iTools 2019 for your iDevice through Windows or Mac to keep all your iOS management under super control. So enjoy iTools over iTunes ending up the complicated sessions you so far experienced. It is free and will support all your iOS firmware and device models. So enjoy iTools free and leave a comment below about your experience through this useful utility.

Are you ready for iTools iOS 12.1.1?

With every update Apple brings to the user, we find a new trend to iTools. Considering the upcoming iOS 12.1.1 minor update, here it is the turn to iTools iOS 12.1.1. So let us consider all the facts around new iTools update with updates to its features and functions.

iTools 12.1.1

iTools has a very long time relationship with iOS serving for the right requirement of iOS management. The tool supports in the complete backup, restores, files management, image editing through image tool, battery management, desktop monitoring, and many more. And also supporting the best customization privileges, you may have features like Ringtone maker here from which you can set your audio clips, recordings as your official Ringtone of the iPhone.

iOS 12.1.1 in Beta Testing

Soon after iOS 12.1 released, we come to meet iOS 12.1.1 as its first minor scale update. And at this moment, anyone signs for the official Apple beta testing program can enjoy all changes coming through iOS 12.1.1 latest. And it says, adding up the feature that lets you take a Live Photo even when you are on a FaceTime call as an improvement to FaceTime interface.

Also, there is a re-designed bottom bar which supports in quick reach buttons with the support for muting a call and camera flipping. And with the conversation participants, there is sliding up on the bottom bar as an additional support. With these features to FaceTime, we also find an update to Apple News where the user is allowed to hide the sidebar if required.

Sign up free for the official beta testing program and get the chance to see all upcoming beta updates by Apple for iOS.

iTools 12.1.1

iTools iOS 12.1.1 Updates

iTools is the perfect solution for all iOS users in getting into the complete iOS management. So with respect to the latest iOS 12.1.1 firmware, iTools iOS 12.1.1 Download will be available supporting with many more features and functions. And in concerned the stability, you will be offered a fine improvement here with the new update. Then, as always it is used to be, the program will support all of the device variants that support the firmware respective.

iTools 4 latest through Windows and Mac

iTools 4 is the latest update under major version available for iTools users for the time being. And above iTools 3 previous, this has a lot of improvements and also with various additions. In fact, iTools 4 has exclusive features above the official iTunes for making an outstanding experience to the user. And once you get into the right track of iTools, you will not look back into iTunes. In fact, iTools is such a supporting program for the complete iOS management which is the best free alternative one can have in the place of iTunes.

itools 4

iTools supports through Windows and Mac. So you should have the PC or Mac prepared to run iTools for your requirement of iOS management. But always check the compatibility to make out the best of it.

Winding Up

iTools can make your requirement of iOS management fulfilled. So be ready to see the update of iTools iOS 12.1.1 under iTools 4 latest.

Why iTools Free Download over iTunes?

With the changes in technology, we find updates to everything we use. So as that, we now find iTools as the best alternative program to all iPhone, iPad and iPod devices over the official iTunes. If you need to refresh your minds about iTools Free Download, here you are all the chance descriptively.

iTools free download

If you are on any 64-bit iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you must know that the latest firmware signs is iOS 12.0.1 while iOS 12.1 is at a testing stage. Considering features and functions, iOS 12 is in the highest place from which you are directed to many improvements at the same time with additional features. So it is a must to have a proper iOS management tool by side to keep everything going smoothly. And for that, our recommendation comes as iTools from which the same experience of Apple’s official iTunes is promised and coming in a better performance.

What is lacking in iTunes by Apple?

The reason for why you need iTools is what you lack with the iTunes framework. In fact, iTunes is Apple’s official solution for the requirement of complete iOS management from which the advanced user is more focused. So there, iTunes does not suit in all ways. In fact, it comes quite difficult in the hand of the regular user when iTunes targets the advanced user. And at the same time, iTunes requires time to time updates compulsorily if you need to keep the program running smoothly. So having iTunes for the requirement of iOS management is fine unless you know the purpose of iTools. In fact, it is the most supportive program comes as the closest alternative to iTunes but with a considerable amount of improvements.

iTools free Download with the latest version

iTools is made knowing the exact requirement of the user. So it gives the compatibility for all the device models as well as all firmware. Most notably, it brings the support up to the latest iOS 12 versions also including the latest flagship iPhone devices.

The first and the foremost thing here about iTools free Download is its 100% compatibility and support. In fact, it is coming in an extremely supportive interface where any user can easily engage through whatever the purpose they are having iTools installed. So every time we are talking about iTools Download, we should thank its comfortable interface.

iTools 4 Update

iTools 4 is the latest iTools version we find from which we have the support up to iTools iOS 12. Comparatively, iTools 4 comes extremely well in its function frame maintaining its super easy scripts. So anyone can easily catch iTools features and functions. And above iTunes, iTools has many supportive functions. In fact, features like Ringtone maker, image tool, Airplayer are iTools exclusive from which you will get the best support. So why still wait for iTunes?

itools 4 download

Final Words

With iTools Free Download, you have the highest freedom to get the best iOS management. So start your turn to iTools over iTunes complications and enjoy all of your device features to the highest.

iTools 4 for iOS 12 Complete Management

To keep the complete iOS management, Apple’s official solution is iTunes. But soon once you come across its various complications, you started looking for alternative options. That is where iTools 4 comes to the public which is the latest and most developed version of the iTools program. It comes completely free to the user’s hand with the most supportive scripts.



The functions of iTools become updated with the changes of firmware and requirements of the user. So iTools has the power of talking to the user through the exact requirement. Most importantly, it is feature-rich and supportive for all-purpose in concern iOS management.

iTools 4 Update in Public

iTools is the best free alternative to iTunes supporting the complete iOS management. The program iTools is made of all the essential features and functions just as Apple wanted to handle through iTunes. But here, the importance of iTools is its simplicity where any user can easily process through any function. So in case if you have messed with iTunes times before, here you can have the solution through iTools Free.

One of the best features of iTools is its continuous updates. You will now get iTools 4 as the latest which is with various versions inside including the latest support for iOS 12. And in the side of the compatibility, iTools 4 brings the highest support here up to the latest iOS 12.

iTools 4 Features and Functions

As the latest, iTools 4 is the most recommended iTools version for anyone as of this writing from which you are given the highest device and firmware support. So learn here all the updated features of iTools 4 which are ready to serve best in making your iOS experience better.

  • iTools Airplayer– for the best screen experience Airplayer is placed in iTools. This feature lets you share the screen and enjoy the big screen experience
  • Data migration– iTools offers the speediest data migration for iDevices and also with support for iOS to Android and in return. Unlike some other ways, we could recommend iTools data migration feature for anyone to experience the best data sharing

itools 4

  • Battery Master– Battery management is one of the extremely useful features coming with the iTools program that tells you about how your battery is feeling up to the date. In fact, Battery Master feature of iTools shows all the right particulars about the battery state, temperature, SN value, actual capacity, and more similar. Simply, Battery Master feature of iTools tells how your battery life is going and how should you take care of it
  • Backup and Restore– This is one of the very often used functions from the iTools program which you need to have for the right moment. Better than Apple’s own iTunes, here iTools brings the smartest backup support for all the data including the applications. And in the side of restoring, you can also keep trust on iTools where your device will be safely restored with all data
  • iTools image tool– image tool coming in iTools is also another important feature which helps you with sharing images between PC and Mac also with more supportive functions. And it allows you to preview images in the original resolution with some more function supports. In fact, the tool has the opportunity to organize image locations, its order, make or delete image albums, move images between locations, folders, get advanced edits, delete or even copy images

iTools 4

  • iTools Ringtone Maker– Customization is one of the great opportunities with iTools. So with Ringtone Maker, you can create your own ringtone and put it as the original. In case if you feel bored with what is already coming in the default frame, you can try here the Ringtone Maker to make your voice clip or anything your ringtone of the iPhone
  • Files Manager– this is one of the most wanted features for your iDevice from which the complete files management is done. This feature comes smartly in adding files, removing files from a folder, copy files, or with advanced edit opportunities. With the updated iTools 4, you are allowed to enjoy the drag and drop functionality here for removing and locating data between the smart device and the PC
  • Icon Arranger– with hundreds of icons on your screen, you will have a lot of things to manage. So arrange them and properly manage through big screen with the support of the iTools icon arranger

itools 4 download

Device Support for iTools 4

When comes to the device compatibility, we find a major advancement here with iTools giving the best compatibility for all the device variants. In fact, the updated iTools 4 version brings the support for all the device models including the latest. So unlike Apple’s own iTunes that work less effectively on older device models, here iTools comes supporting equally. And with that, we could recommend iTools for all users through Windows and Mac. The program supports both 32 and 64-bit operating systems making the program widely used.

Will iTools work on Jailbroken iDevices?

The program here brings no difference with the fact jailbroken or none-jailbroken. In fact, iTools treats the same on both the jailbroken and none-jailbroken devices. For more, it can be said the same system that going to operate on both the device types. So even on a jailbroken device, you will have a lot of advantages with iTools Download. And that will not require anything additional to process and will come exact same as on a none-jailbroken device.

How to Download iTools 4?

Just as Apple’s official solution iTunes, iTools here comes in a familiar work interface. So it is extremely easy to get with iTools functioning. And if you still doubt about what would the steps be like, here we make the job easier.

  • Step 1: Download the latest iTools version on the PC or Mac
  • Step 2: Run the installation with the screen instructions and wait for several seconds
  • Step 3: Now, connect the device to the PC through a proper USB and launch the iTools interface
  • Step 4: Wait for the program to identify the connected device and get with the initial settings up
  • Step 5: Now go to various iTool categories and run features one by one as per your requirement

Likewise, you can easily run any iTools feature through Windows PC or Mac. And most importantly, everything here comes for free and without any complication. So rather than taking yourself through various complicated processes, iTools is the most comfortable way one could drive through. It offers various versions for various device models. So you can easily choose any iTools version to process with respect to the compatibility. But you should always take the whole processing at your own risk.

iTools iOS 11.4.1

Final Words

Considering the whole story, we could wholeheartedly recommend iTools 4 for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod to keep the complete and clear management. With compared to Apple’s own iTunes, iTools has more attraction from the user even with the very first look into it. The reason is its ultimate freedom within the work frame where the user can freely contribute through various functions. In fact, iTools 4 is the most advanced iTools version for the moment from which the highest device and firmware support is given.

iTools iOS 12.0.1- the latest iTools Update

iTools is the latest trend of the complete iOS management supporting all of the essential sides. Unlike than Apple’s own solution iTunes, iTools offers time to time adjustments to what it offers. So simply, iTools iOS 12.0.1 is the latest update now comes in the public as with the firmware update iOS 12.0.1 latest. If you are looking for the perfect solution to leave the complete responsibility of iOS management to be monitored, here you are iTools for all free.

iTools iOS 12.0.1

iTools Installer Free Download for iOS Management

The requirement of the complete iOS management comes in various layers for different users. Although you can manage many things all alone on your smart iPhone, iPad, and iPod, having a proper iOS management tool you would realize there is more you can do. For that, iTunes is Apple’s solution officially. But soon once you found iTools, you would feel much better with its all support. In fact, iTools prioritizes the user ease when iTunes happens to continue through its own standards.

With compared to Apple’s own iTunes, Free iTools consists of the most effective management techniques. It offers an interesting set of features and functions under useful categories. It will be like, desktop management, customization, media handling, data transfers etc. Simply, iTools covers all of the essential sections bringing you the complete experience of iOS management.

Why iTools Download over iTunes?

Although iTunes is Apple’s official directions to the complete iOS management, we find some lags there when it comes to the processing. In fact, iTunes requires updating time to time in order to keep up the proper progress. But when it comes to iTools, things come less complex and supporting more users. The most significant fact in iTools is its super cool interface where the user can super easily engage.

iTools is a completely free solution in all the tool versions available to the date. And it supports through all three major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. But yet, there is no solution available to directly take any option to the mobile. In fact, iTools is strictly a desktop program for which you need to have the proper desktop preparations first.

iTools iOS 12.0.1 Update

The best feature of iTools is its continuous updating with respect to the firmware. So to the date, iTools iOS 12.0.1 is the latest to count from which the developers target the latest updated 64-bit devices including the flagship iPhone line up came this year.

With every new iTools version, the developers add more reliability and improvements in performing level. So we could expect improved work interface through iTools iOS 12.0.1 with the highest device compatibility too. And it will support through Windows 10 latest and also the latest system versions of Mac and Linux.

itools 4 download

Key iTools Features

With the most effective features and functions, iTools continues its journey towards more and more users. So here we are taking you through some of the key iTools features to let you realize how important for one to have iTools by side.

  • iTools data migration

Data transferring is one of the primary uses of iTools that allows the fastest data migration between devices. And above the official iTunes, iTools here plays a faster role.

  • iTools Airplayer

For the best screen sharing experience, iTools Airplayer is the option through iTools free. With that, you can take the smartphone screen experience to the wider screen at the same time with best sharing capabilities.

  • Ringtone Maker

Customization features are available in iTools to change the way your iDevice feels and looks. Among them, Ringtone maker is one of the exclusive features iTools bundles from which you can play with your ringtone. In fact, this feature helps you with changing your original ringtone in an easier way or set your own audio as easy as selecting one of the originals.

  • Battery Manager

Keeping the track of battery performance is very important when it comes to a fine device run. So this battery manager is the feature comes exclusively through iTools Download from which you can view the complete status of the battery with ease. That will include, battery capacity, charging cycle, SN value, actual capacity, temperature and many more similar.

  • Files Manager

Every operating system should have a specific file manager to keep all things smoothly in the system. Here through iTools, Files manager is an exclusive option which serves for the complete requirement of files management. It will help you with organizing all files, categorizing, editing, locating and etc.

  • Backup and Restore

iTunes is the most used way for all iOS users in getting backups and restores of the system. But now with the arrival of iTools, users have now changed in the new way which is more comfortable and easier. iTools backups are faster than with any other application and will allow the complete backups including the application backups. Moreover, iTools restores successfully supporting all the data safely. So iTools features the most convenient backup and restores support for any iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

  • Image Tool

With this free desktop program, you are allowed to do many more than what you are allowed with the smartphone itself. So having iTools Windows or Mac, you can experience the best image editing options. And this will allow to faster sharing and categorizing also for all free.

This is not at all what you get with iTools Free Download. If you really need to know how it is ready to serve in the full package, start your free session now itself.

iTools latest version

iTools iOS 11.4.1

iTools receives updates from time to time in order to reach more users. For the time being, iTools 4 is the major tool version available under which we receive updates to iOS 12 iTools, iOS 12.0.1 and etc. By picking the most latest iTools Download, you will be able to get benefited highest stability, ease, and comprehension. And always check the compatibility for the respective firmware to make the best pair running with no failures and lags.

iTools for Windows and Mac

It is very easy to process through iTools with the connection to Windows or Mac. In fact, just as you are running a usual program, check the most compatible iTools version and run the complete installation with the screen instruction. Then, connect the device through a proper cable and wait for the program to detect the connected device. Once connections are successfully done, launch the iTools interface and choose whatever you want to make run for you. When you are done, it can be simply disconnected with no tiresome manuals.

iTools for jailbreakers

To Download iTools, there is no matter of jailbreak or not. But in case if you are jailbroken and having iTools, you will get a supportive feature to manage through easier. But remember that there is no barrier to get iTools with the state of jailbreak or not.

Final Words

iTools is the most effective way one could get with the complete iOS management for all free. On the latest updated iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on iOS 12.0.1, now can have iTools iOS 12.0.1 for free with the most reliable features and functions. So take the right decision to have the complete iOS management at your side. And do not forget to share your experience with us through the comments below.


iTools iOS 12.1 – The Next Most awaited Chapter

iTools is the best free alternative to Apple’s official iTunes solution from which you can get with the complete iOS management. The program gets updated just as per the user requirement and with respect to the Apple’s move in upgrading the firmware. So here we are to welcome iTools iOS 12.1 the latest accordingly the Apple’s iOS 12.1 to arrive.

iTools iOS 12.1

About the Operating System update iOS 12.1

iOS 12.1 is the first update following the release of iOS 12. As of now, we are given rights to the iOS 12.1 beta versions. So anyone who holds either a developer or public membership can hands-on the latest update of iOS 12.1 beta. And fortunately, this seems to be a significant update to the operating system cycle bundling both improvements and more features. Just as beta versions so far came, iOS 12.1 Download will give the most awaited FaceTime updates, more Emoji and a number of fixes addressing various slight issues of iOS 12 times.

Why iTools for iOS 12.1?

iTools is the best option for any iPhone, iPad or iPod user to get with the complete iOS management. Although Apple gives iTunes as its own solution for the requirement of iOS management, with its various complications sometimes the user gets disappointed. In fact, iTunes always prioritizes maintaining the advanced standards aiming at the advanced user. So for the general requirements, you would probably feel complicated about working with iTunes.

Knowing this big shoutout by a lot of iOS users, the developers of iTools has decided to work on. So in that way, iTools Download has been built making it the most supportive alternative for iTunes. You can choose iTools for the same requirement of iTunes but with no complication at all. So it is simple, effective and most suitable for every iPhone, iPad and iPod user.

iTools iOS 12.1 getting the update

With respect to the Apple’s upgrades in the operating system, iTools gets more and more importance. So expecting the update iOS 12.1, we can now get ready for the latest version iTools iOS 12.1. This will come free as always and will be serving all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices updated to iOS 12.1.

With the updates of iTools versions, we get more stable support. So you will be able to get more responsive, supportive and free iTools versions in the times ahead. And all that will be helpful in making the complete backups, cleaner restores, complete files management, advanced image editing, all desktop management, and more. Together, you will be able to get more exciting customization features here with iTools Free Download. So you can set your wallpaper, themes, ringtones as your heart desires.

itools 4 download

Final Words

Replacing iTunes with iTools iOS 12.1 will be a big choice if you ever want to have fine iOS management. Everything with iTools comes free and in an easy to use interface encouraging more users. And with its inspiring features and added quality, you will be able to get with the complete iOS management with just minimum effort. So turn in the right way and make your iOS run smarter.

12 is out- Everything about iOS 12 Jailbreak

iOS 12 is Apple’s latest innovation in every side bringing those who upgrade the operating system a massive set of improvements. But in case if you are one that still expects something more powerful out of the stock walls, this is the right time to search for iOS 12 Jailbreak updates up to now. So what would be the state of jailbreak iOS 12? Get here all the information about the new upgrade before you take on your 64-bit iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

iOS 12 jailbreak

Following the same upgrade cycle, Apple has given out the latest iOS 12 to the public in the last Apple iPhone centric event. So having the official download rights by past 17th, every 64-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices are now allowed downloading the latest operating system update free from which Apple concerns high system improvements also with a number of interesting additions. In fact, it bundles brand new features like Memoji, group FaceTime, screen time and more with a great impact on the user in changing the way of all its performing layers. But if you still feel like jailbreaking could lead a difference, have the eye on the landscape of the state of jailbreak. And before the upgrade, make sure that will not make an effect on the gates of Cydia.

iTools iOS 12 is ready!

iTools is the best way you can take whole care of iOS management as a solution above Apple’s own iTunes official. With respect to the latest operating system changes, you can now take the latest upgrade iTools iOS 12 from which the highest device and firmware compatibility are given. So you can simply take backups, safe restores, enjoy the complete files management, see battery status, edit images, and get the best desktop experience and more. In fact, iTools is the complete solution for iOS management even simpler than Apple’s own iTunes.  So if you have upgraded the operating system to the latest iOS 12, you can now get with the iTools latest version for free as always. iTools run through both Windows and Mac supporting all the device variants.

iOS 12 Jailbreak powerfully demoed

With every new operating system update, Apple focuses something new and exciting to keep more users stick to the stock walls. But just as always happens, people are used to search for jailbreak and Cydia here for iOS 12 as well. And sooner than expected, we started getting various demonstrations to jailbreak iOS 12 from the very first date it was called out to the public domain, started testing and came finally out.

First iOS 12 Jailbreak Demo from KeenLab and team 360 Vulcan

We come to meet iOS 12 for the very first time back in June 2018 at the Keynote event of WWDC. Along with the event, we came across the first testing version restricting only for the developers. For that, KeenLab has suddenly woke up saying it can be jailbroken as have Cydia successfully. The demonstration is a video which wins all eyes clearly showing how things go as said.

And very soon with this, another demo has arrived in the chapters confirming what above revealed is true. And this time all thanks go to team 360 Vulcan, a reputed group of developers in making successful progress in jailbreak developments. But just as the above scene, this is too in the purpose of testing and to showcase how powerfully jailbreak effects even when Apple said security and everything have reached the highest standards.

About the demonstrations to Cydia by Mumbai Developer

When video demonstrations were started ruling the users arresting them with proof to Jailbreak iOS 12 at the stage of beta, we come to meet a new name in the community supporting the same fact. As to the Mumbai developer, iOS 12 early betas have 0-day exploits remained opened. Although this not directly saying anything about a possible release ahead, this shows possibilities could have. In fact, it is clear how powerfully 0-day exploit came in the previous days being the major reason for jailbreak. So if this will be continued in the days ahead, we could be able to hear more news from jailbreak and Cydia iOS 12. But remember, this is all done when iOS 12 is very young in testing and has promised many more improvements in the days ahead.

What is the latest untethered Jailbreak iOS 12?

When jailbreak and Cydia lift the user so high in expectations of a possible new update, we found Apple getting ready for the official launch. As with that, the usual plan has worked here by Apple by releasing the official iOS 12 after a long testing era on past September 12th. And as by 17th, all 64-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices have received rights to Download iOS 12 to hands on the latest Memoji, group Facetime, notifications and etc.

When there is a lot to get excited with what you get with iOS 12 after a long testing, we find something more to shout out if you have been a big fan of jailbreak and Cydia. In fact, very sooner than expected, we come to meet the first demo for iOS 12 jailbreak even before getting 24 hours filled from the date it was announced.

What is more?

The most interesting thing we see here is its untethered nature which is pulling away all the semi-untethered updates continued. So if this going to work into a public jailbreak, we would probably be able to get with a complete reliable jailbreak which is free from the hybrid nature, expiration of certificates and all conditions of rebooting. So all thanks here should give to Ali Security developers.

Another thing to highlight here is its device compatibility. In fact, it is coming through a video proving that the jailbreak successfully working on Apple’s previous flagship device iPhone X. Although the expectations of the very first demo once the firmware is official is on the latest iPhone XS series, this was what we received from Ali Security. So here, we could expect changes in the times ahead with respect to the device compatibility and even the firmware. And yet nowhere said any possible public release from the researches of Ali Security based to the demonstrations here.

Latest Update by Pangu Jailbreak

Pangu Jailbreak

Pangu is a reputed jailbreak developing team that holds a long-standing recognition. In fact, from the community, it is for giving the most reliable jailbreak tools to the public domain. Although they seem quite silent for years when Yalu and Electra semi-untethered jailbreaks are stealing all popularity, with the latest tweet, it seems they are awakened at the right moment. Thanks to the tweet shared by famous iOS security researcher, there is the first jailbreak news for the brand new A12 Bionic hardware. So this Pangu’s latest experimenting will hopefully make something powerful released in the days which is for the moment just a matter of time.

Final Words

In concern of all the iOS 12 Jailbreak landscape so far, we find everything in a positive mood through a number of working demonstrations. But with not said an exact word about a public release of a jailbreak, you will have to wait for some longer. Anyhow, the latest news by Pangu jailbreak and Ali security add more punch to all wait giving a very fine prospect to the development of jailbreak and Cydia ahead.

iTools X Free Download for Latest iPhone XS

iTools for iPhone is the best combination that brings up perfect iOS management. At a moment Apple has confirmed dates for the next big event on 12th September where the release of the new iPhone line up will be taken place, let us find out all updates around iTools X Free Download. That is the next update expecting from iTools to keep the standards of the complete iOS management just as continuing so far.

iTools x free download

About new 2018 iPhone XS Release

iPhone XS going to feature similar in the look to the iPhone X but with many more inside the skin. The new iPhone going to be OLED and will be available in two screen sizes. And the other expected iPhone from the new three models will target lower-cost users with 6.1-inch LCD iPhone release. But all three will feature your favorite Face ID and the edge-to-edge display just as iPhone X introduced.

Bundling hundreds of new features, new iPhone XS and the other iPhones will be released this September at the Apple’s specific event. Featuring a new Gold color its pre-orders will call from September 14. So if you ever wanted your iPhone to work more powerfully, this is the right turn to a new flagship generation. But do you have any idea about how to take all its management? It is the call for iTools again.

iTools X Free Download

iTools is the most favorite program for iPhone users in keeping the complete management clean and controlled. And just as you know so far, iTools gets updated from time to time with respect to the various requirements of firmware and devices. So seeing the flagship iPhone XS release in the coming days, it is time to get ready for a new iTools X.

The requirement for a new iOS management comes whereas Apple’s own iTunes bring various complications to the user. In fact, here in iTools, everything comes in a super comfortable frame making you feel easier. So above the official iTunes, here you have more beneficial features as well as more comfort throughout the handling. It lets you easily backup, safely restore, transfer data at a super speed, handling all files, use image tool, handle desktop and do every single thing that required to keep your iOS fine in all performance. So if you want your iPhone X latest to work properly free of all messes previous, it is a must to Download iTools X.

itools 4 download

Final Words

Just as you might have already known, iTools is the best free program that supports in making your complete iOS management successful. The tool is available for completely free and will support through Windows and Mac just as it is usually doing. Make sure you are following the latest major version iTools 4 in order to reach the highest success. Then wait for the new iPhone XS and turn in the iTools X Free Download for the best support in the best free iOS management.