iTools iOS 12- The Next Most Favorite iTools Update

iTools has been the best iOS management software for all users regardless of which firmware you are running and in which iDevice model. In fact, it owns its kind of exclusive features to keep your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch well management with respect to the firmware you operate. So why not on the latest iOS 12? It is the time to look at how iTools iOS 12 going to be your favorite iOS management support

itools ios 12

iOS 12 is Apple’s next-generation upgrade of the mobile operating system which Apple going to release in the year 2018 as the major upgrade to the user. In fact,  its testing rights are now open for the developers as with the keynote release event of WWDC 2018 recently. And as to its confirmed features so far, there will be so many interesting features like Memoji, digital Health, group facetime, group notification support and more similar. And in addition, there you will meet a number of improvements to the existing features as well with a lot of concern to security improvements.

iTools iOS 12 to Come

As you might have already known, iTunes is Apple’s official solution to maintain all iOS management properly. Although it takes all features to keep your iOS management clean and organized, you would find it quite hard at certain points. The reason here is iTunes happens to continue maintaining its standards aiming at the advanced user. So generally, you would feel quite difficult to handle all iTunes features if you prioritize ease at use just like myself. In that case, iTools is the best recommendation to anyone for the complete requirement of iOS management. Rather than maintaining its quality standards like what iTunes does, here iTools gives priority to user support.  So everything comes in iTools Download are free and supporting all requirement of the user.

Latest iTools 4

How to Download iTools iOS 12?

Once you get the updated iOS 12, the first and the most important thing to do is getting close with the best management software. So wait for iOS 12 official release to Download iTools 12. And it will also be same easy as all its previous versions in support to download. So ready to take iTools for iOS 12 through either Mac or Windows. And you will find the update free as always under the major upgrade iTools 4.

iTools 4 Features and Functions

As previously stated, iTools Features same functions as Apple’s official iTunes. And in overall concern the latest, there are some more within the working frame supporting best backups, faster and safe restores, complete media management, iTools Airplayer for best screen experience and screen sharing, complete data migration, customization features like ringtone maker, complete files management, battery saving  feature, image tool, feature to arrange icons and so much more to remember. So if you are in the need of best iOS management on your iOS 12 up in future, it is the turn to iTools iOS 12. All features and functions there are supportive and all above simply arranged. So enjoy all features of iOS 12 to the best leaving the whole management part to iTools.


iTools iOS 11.4 for Best iOS Management

iOS 11.4 is Apple’s latest operating system version to be public offering a number of features and improvements to the user. So as at a time, it is near it its official release to the public, we here making you the guide about how easily take all its management with iTools iOS 11.4. If you are planning to take iOS 11.4 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is the right time to learn about the update of iTools here.

iTools iOS 11.4

Apple’s operating system iOS 11 is now close to getting wrapped off as the next iteration iOS 12 is to be announced in the coming days. So probably iOS 11.4 will be the final iOS 11 upgrade to the user which now at testing and will be soon in the hand of the public with more features and improvements. As to all its betas so far, it will pack messages feature in iCloud, multiple room support for AirPlay 2, HomePod with Stereo and more like making your long wait satisfied. And it will soon be available for all the 64-bit devices over the air as well as through iTunes.

iTools iOS 11.4- What is its use?

There is a lot of things you can handle on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with its smart features. But did you know there are more you can do by having the right companion at your side? Then, it is the call for iTools download which is the closest alternative to Apple’s iTunes and featuring even more support in the complete iOS management.

iTools 4 is now the latest update from the iTools program from which you can have the highest device compatibility at the moment with support up to the latest iTools iOS 11.3.1. And soon once iOS 11.4 is public, we will be able to pick the update to iTools Download iOS 11.4 offering all the optimized iOS management features. It comes in the same iTunes like the interface but featuring so much additional.

Latest iTools 4

When comes to the role of iTools, we have so much to discuss. And simply it is like to say for the place of Apple’s own iTunes covering the complete requirement of iOS management. So you can backup, restore, preserve battery, set all files, transfer media, handle applications, enjoy vast screen experience, arrange device icons and also enjoy the best customization features easier like never before as iTools makes the space prioritizing more user ease than maintaining standards. So that is where iTools become different from iTunes which is still in targeting more advanced user.

 Are you ready to Install iTools?

Installing iTools is easy as always. But make sure you are ready with either Windows PC or Mac as there is no way to take iTools directly on the smart device. so it is similar to Apple’s own iTunes that allows you to keep the full management of the device through the desktop. But you can have the most fitting iTools version with checked your requirement in order to get the highest benefit. So wait for the new Apple release and grab iTools iOS 11.4 for the best and improved iOS management.

Download iTools 2018 for Complete iOS Management

iTools 2018

For the need of iOS management, Apple gives iTunes as the official program. But when that happen to make various complications in the drive, iTools has arrived as the best alternative management software for iOS collecting the most useful iTunes features to added benefits. And by bringing the essential updates, iTools 2018 free download is now at work adding up compatibility up to iOS 11 firmware. So to learn how to go with iTools 2018 read the whole note here.

Download iTools 2018 for Windows

As stated above, iTunes is Apple’s way of complete iOS management while iTools become its closest alternative. At a glance, both are coming with identical interfaces sharing similar functions and features. But the significant difference comes when iTools comes with less complexity while offering more functions. And when it comes to iTunes, there all functions come with high complexity which is mainly in targetting the advanced user.

So there, iTools Download makes iOS management easier offering a number of useful techniques to management. And everything comes here totally free either through Windows PC or Mac. But there is yet no use of iTools directly on mobile since it is made for the use of iPhone, iPad and iPod management through the desktop.

Latest iTools 4

iTools 2018 Features and Functions Descriptively

One of the main reasons to fall in love with iTools 2018 is its focus on features where the ease of use of the user has prioritized. In fact, with the latest update of iTools 2018 download, the user has the benefit of upgraded features supporting super backups, restores, data migrates, file management and so much.

  • Data migration- supports data migrating from iTools Windows or Mac with compatibility for a wide range of devices
  • iTools Airplayer- gives massive screen experience with the ability to share screen
  • Backup and restore- this is one of the used iTools features to easier and faster backups while restoring safely
  • Files management- complete file explorer feature to organize, arrange and perform advanced editing on files
  • Battery master- allows you to preserve battery strength with perfect notice of the battery status. It is giving you all about actual capacity, SN value, temperature and more
  • Image tool- this is a useful feature coming with iTools 4.0 giving the chance to preview images in the original resolution. And there is also the opportunity for advanced editing and more
  • Ringtone maker- ringtone maker is a useful feature comes exclusively with the updated iTools version from which you can set your own audio tracks as the original ringtones

What to Remember on the Latest iTools Version

Likewise, iTools 2018 helps you manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod device properly. There are many useful features with the latest bundle and promises giving the best support with updated techniques. So turn your heads to iTools 4 latest download and make the requirements of proper management fulfilled. There are no complications of downloading or installing as it supports through both Windows and Mac here. Once it is installed, connect the device and start enjoying all the features seated. everything in iTools comes free and intended the user success.


Complete Guide to iTools 4 Download and Process

For the need of complete iOS management on iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple gives iTunes as the official solution. But when that happens to meet various complications, we find many look searching for alternative ways. There, you must stop at iTools which is the best free solution for all iOS management as the closest alternative to official iTunes. So before you go on processing, here you are all about how to go with iTools 4 download as the latest.

Download iTools 4

When talking about iTools, the most highlighting part comes with its features and all ease of use. When iTunes gives concern to the advancements, here iTools prioritizes the usability. In fact, iTools download is simple and supportive for all user although both iTools and iTunes share identical features and some characteristics of the interface. And with additional features it bundles, any iDevice user can easily reach to the requirement including backups, restores, desktop management, software upgrade/downgrade, battery management and many more.

Latest iTools 4 Download- Most Stable Update for the user

Knowing the true requirement of the user, iTools comes in various upgraded versions. In fact, we meet Free iTools download and install capabilities through different versions with respect to the user requirements. So by now, iTools 4 is the latest update of the iTools program from which compatibility has extended up to iOS 11 firmware. And this updated version gives support to all 64-bit devices that take up to the latest iOS 11.2.6 now signs. additionally, this version 4.0 is more significant on the side of processing whereas it comes with most stable features and function frame. So anyone desires to go with iTools are recommended to download iTools 4 which reports the highest device and firmware compatibility by now.

iTools Download Windows and Mac support

iTools for Mac

As you are already aware, iTools runs on both Windows and Mac. So you can download iTools free on either Windows or Mac to run management properly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. But before you download, make sure you are with compatible OS version that supports the expected download of the iTools program.

iTools English Download

iTools originally supports the Chinese language whereas it is a successful development of a Chinese developing team. And fortunately, it also supports in the iTools English download just with same support, comprehension, and success as the original Chinese does. So every user can get equally benefited with this updated iTools. And thanks to its English download support, all international users can get away from iTunes complications and easy turn in an iTools way for a complete need of iOS management.

When talking about iTools 4 download, there is a lot winning attention. It has faster backups, safe restores, complete desktop management, desktop viewing with Airplayer, battery state management, image tool, customization and all. Simply, it does everything you expect from iTunes to manage in a simplified frame for all same success. So enjoy complete iOS management on iPhone, iPad, iPod with best iTools features and get with the highest success. And remember to leave a comment about how you feel the difference between iTunes and iTools on the way to your complete iOS management.

Download iTools for Complete iOS 11 Management

iTools is a complete management solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices with same features like iTunes. It gives you complete management supporting any firmware. So with the update 4.0, you can now have the compatibility up to iOS 11 having so many additional features and functions. Then why you wait? Let us here get into Download iTools aiming the complete iOS management especially to target the latest iOS 11 firmware.

Download iTools 2018

iOS management comes in various ways. But having no good companion you cannot take that accomplished since Apple’s own iTunes makes that complex with various tricks in various situations. So there, iTools is the best recommendation from us for the complete requirement of management. Although iTunes is Apple’s official way for it, there are certain complications making you a little tired of the operation. So there, iTools is simply the solution from which all same benefits can be experienced but in a simpler and comfortable frame.

Download iTools 4 Latest Updated Version

As we repeatedly stated in the above paragraphs, iTools comes in an identical interface to iTunes but featuring simpler and more useful changes than any previous version. So it gives the best compatibility to the latest iOS 11 firmware including the most recent signing iOS 11.3.1. In fact, you can now say goodbye to all iTunes complications simply taking the turn to a different way as iTools.

It comes with very easy to follow installations and extreme support in choosing the features and functions. In fact, there you only require to download and install the program on the PC after which the connection of the device should handle successfully through a working USB cable. Then you can easily move to each different section and category in order to get with a specific function. But remember that iTools can only be processed through Windows PC or Mac. And sadly, there is still no way exists to Download iTools directly on any smart device as everything offered in iTools needs PC to process.

iTools Download on Windows and Mac

iTools is a desktop program that you can handle through either Windows PC and Mac. And for the happy fact, it is supported on all Windows operating system versions and Mac version 10.7 and upper. Then, the installation of iTools goes simply as always where you should first download the file on the PC and then follow the screen instructions to proceed the install.

Once the installation is done, you can connect the iPhone, iPad, and iPod to the desktop and let the devices get connected. Then you can go through all different categories and all the features and functions as per your need. And there is nothing to worry since all of the functions comes free here on a simpler and more convenient interface.

Final Words

With easier backup, safe restores, effective file organizing, better battery, media management, data migration, image tool, customization features and more. So take your turn to the complete iOS management here with Download iTools. It is free and will give you the whole experience of management just with less effort and time.



iTools English for Comprehensive iOS Management

iTools is the best alternative program to Apple’s own iTunes which is for the complete need of iOS management. It is now available in the updated version 4.0 supporting original Chinese and iTools English. So learn the complete guidelines to iTools free about how it makes iPhone, iPad and iPod management easier. This is about latest iTools 4 supporting iOS 11 latest firmware.

Download iTools 2018

iOS management through desktop is one of the essentials although you can do so much with your device itself. So there, Apple’s solution for it is iTunes from which we get reported a number of complications. In fact, Apple here targets more advanced users rather than the regular user. So there, iTools Download is the best alternative for that from which all complications of iTunes have dropped by collecting only the useful features. Simply, iTools and iTunes share identical features and interface. But the difference comes where iTools prioritizes the user ease more than the setting of advancements.

iTools 4.0 Update Latest with iOS 11 Support

iTools comes with various tool updates with fixings and essential adding ups. And by now, iTools 4.0 is the latest upgrade one could reach from which the best stability and features are offered to the public. The latest version supports all the iOS 11 firmware up to iOS 11.2.6 now signs. And then, the time with iOS 11.3, iTools will be developed to its compatibility soon.

The latest iTools 4.0 comes with some of the essential feature updates. So the support it gives in backup, restore, desktop management, software upgrade/ downgrade, battery control and all here come in a lifted frame. In compared to the previous iTools versions, the latest 4.0 upgrade has more value with stable frame and operations. So we recommend you to go with iTools 4.0 Download to maximize the functions and results. And if in case you are on one of the iOS 11 firmware, iTools Download in version 4.0 is the best to take especially with updated compatibility.

iTools English Download

One of the advantages of having iTools for the place of iTunes is its support in the English language. In fact, unlike many third party programs comes with only the original language support, iTools here provide English language assistance. So that all users around the world can easily get with iTools English Download just as same as through either Windows or Mac support. And for that, they cost nothing above good attention. So download and Install iTools English on Windows or Mac and connect the device to the program for complete management need. Obviously, that will be super easy than getting the turn to Apple’s original iTunes at a glance on the interface. Once the installations and connections are successful, you can go with the different categories respecting the requirements.

For the complete need of iOS management on iPhone, iPad, and iPod, iTools is the best free alternative you can trust through Windows or Mac. So just as discussed so far, you can go on with iTools English if you are not comfortable with the original Chinese help. And anyway, the turn to iTools is the best in your requirement of complete iOS management where everything is simple and convenient.


iTools Free Download to iPhone, iPad and iPod Management

Every iPhone, iPad and iPod user need the support of complete management through a desktop program. And for that, Apple gives support of iTunes as the official program while more users moving to iTools. Simply, the reason is iTools Free Download which collects all of the useful features of iTunes adding up more features and functions. The best thing about iTools is its simplicity which makes the biggest difference from Apple’s own iTunes. So in iTools free, everything comes easier yet with the highest convenient. To learn the complete note, read the whole note here.

iTools supports through both Windows and Mac. So a wide number of users can go with all iOS management since it supports all firmware up to latest iOS 11.2.6 and all of the Apple devices. As of the time being, iTools 4 can be recommended for all with updated work frame and stability.

iTools Download

Why iTools Free Download

Just as stated in the introductory paragraph, iTools Download is the best alternative for Apple’s own iTunes. At a glance, both iTunes and iTools share identical features and user interface. But in the performance frame, iTools comes with more significance with use of supportive techniques. So there, paths to backup, restore, battery management, data migrate, desktop handling all are easier than with iTunes. In fact, iTools here targets all user, unlike iTunes, comes targeting only the advanced user. So everything in iTools is free and comparatively comfortable. Then why wait?

iTools 4.0 Update

Developers of iTools bring time to time updates targeting more users and firmware support. And by now, iTools 4 is the latest update to download carrying a number of useful features additions. So if you want to know how useful iTools for iOS 11 management, here you are some of the features to not to drop.

  • iTools Airplayer- Best desktop feature to view and enjoy screen sharing. It supports through iTools Windows and Mac
  • Data migration- iTools supports migrating various files guaranteeing the speed and safety. So if you are on a plan of shifting to a different device, use iTools data migrating feature
  • Battery master- Gives complete battery management with the status update of SN value, real capacity, temperature and more
  • Files explorer- Complete files management solution with proper organizing, editing and more
  • Icon arranger- Solution to rearrange all device icons also with the option to remove easier
  • Image Tool- Perform advanced image editing and allows previewing images in the original resolution
  • Ringtone maker- Gives a useful customization feature to set your own voice clips, audios  as the original ringtones in your device

If you are in the need of complete iOS management on iPhone, iPad or iPod, it is the call for iTools Mac or windows. If you make your turn to iTools for once in your life, that will be the real turning that would make all of your requirements to management easier. And here we recommend downloading the latest iTools 4.0 from which the most improved work stability is guaranteed. So enjoy iTools free Download and stay here for more exciting updates.





What is the use of iTools Download iOS 11?

Every iPhone, iPad and iPod users require support for proper management with a desktop program. When Apple says it is iTunes, we here say iTools is better. In fact, iTools collects all of the significant features of iTunes in a better supportive work frame. And with the availability of iTools Download iOS 11, now anyone can trust iTools for all Apple device management. The program can be handled through both Windows PC and Mac with proper connection of iPhone, iPad or iPod. To learn the complete manuals, go on reading the updated note.

Download iTools 2018

The need of iTools comes where Apple’s own iTunes meet in various complications. So the best thing of using iTools Download is its simplicity. Developers of iTools have focused more about the user ease rather than targeting only the advanced user. So there, iTools becomes different from iTunes although they are come sharing identical features. And when it comes to iTools, there are more than what we see with iTunes. So anyone can enjoy more features for free with iTools better than all time so far with iTunes. The latest update of iTools iOS 11 is the best example which we get under major iTools 4 version.

iTools Download iOS 11

iOS 11 operating system version is now available for all 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices in various versions. By now iOS 11.2.6 is the latest signing for all 64-bit devices while Apple planning 11.3 release for near future as the next update. No matter where you are as iTools is simply available for all under the major upgrade iTools 4.0. It is free as always but comes with bonus features as the latest update.

iTools 4 Features and Functions

iTools is loved for many reasons. And among all them, its features make a big space making all comfort in the need of complete iOS management. iTools supports all of the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices coming in any firmware. And as iOS 11 the latest now, we here tool all features of latest iTools 4 download which comes with the best compatibility for iOS 11.

  • Backup and Restore- supports faster backup and safe restore
  • iTools Airplayer- best desktop assistance giving the opportunity to share desktop viewing
  • Files explorer- complete file management support with proper arrangements, advanced editing, categorizing, organizing all and more
  • Battery master- one of the most used iTools features is its battery management option. It lets you take a complete report of the battery status including specifications of SN value, actual capacity, temperature and more
  • Ringtone Maker- this is an iTool’ s exclusive feature for best customization approaches
  • Image tool- let you perform advanced editing and preview images in the original resolution
  • Data Migrating- allows complete data migration supporting a wide range of file formats
  • Icon arranger- lets you systematically rearrange the device’s icons

iTools 2018 comes with amazing features and functions. So enjoy all complete iDevice management with iTools Download iOS 11 and more. You can handle all operations through Windows PC and Mac soon after yo are installed the program free on the PC. Then connect the device and enjoy all functions coming in different sections.



Quick roundup about iTools 4-Top iTunes alternative

As an iDevice user, you all know the importance of iTunes. It is the official iDevice management software solution. Even though it is the official management utility, the majority of users reject it due to the difficulty of using it. If you have fed up with iTunes too, then try out iTools 4 as the best alternative software which can be obtained as a freeware. The main objective of making this description is just to give a great idea about this software.

iTools 4

Get down to business!

Brilliant characteristics of download iTools 4

For offering users an amazing user- friendly experience, iTools 4 comes with the same interface of iTunes. Consequently; it is really is to deal with download iTools 4. Even one who lacks so much knowledge, as well as experience, can also go ahead with iTools. Keep in your mind that this application offers you a lot of features than the built-in iTunes application. There is no issue whether your handset has been undergone the jailbreaking procedure or not. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Meanwhile; you can download iTools 4 without paying any coins. We should be thankful to the hardworking developers of the ThinkSky Inc.

Additional tools of iTools download

When considering the iTools free download, it consists of a number of tools which allow you to perform a lot of amazing functions. Here, we would like to take a quick look at a few of them.

Let’s first take at the “AirPlayer”.

With the aid of AirPlayer, you will get the chance to play games, watch videos and browse the internet. Moreover; it is possible to share the screen if your iDevice, This characteristic becomes really important when you are at a meeting or a conference.

Check this out:

There is another tool which is known as the “Ringtone maker” on download iTools 4. This awesome tool is not present in the official management tool. This worthy tool has the capability of converting any song or a sound clip into a ringtone. Think how amazing is this! You can make your own ringtones. No need to depend on the default ringtones forever.

Good news:

Other than that; iTools 2018 offers you the “Image tool”. Through using this you can perform a bundle of functions. It is possible to preview any image with its absolute resolution. If the device is full of a messy bulk of images, simply you can arrange them in order using the image tool. If you feel that an image is unnecessary, then definitely you can delete them image-wise as well as album wise. Another important fact that we would like to state here is that sharing of images among Window or Mac-based desktop or laptop computers is a reality for the sake of iTools free. On the other hand, you can edit pictures easily with this tool.

Want to know more about another app on iTools?

Finally; we are going to concern about the Battery master app which plays a huge role in the battery health. This app provides you almost all of the information of the battery. Depending on that report, you can take necessary precautions for enhancing the battery life and performances.

The Bottom Line

There are more and more to state about iTools 4. We will cover them for the next post. Until that, stay tuned for our posts.

iTools Download – The Best Alternative to iTunes for Windows, Mac

iTools Download

iTools is the most commendable software that comes addressing the requirement of complete iOS management when Apple’s official solution iTunes happen to meet with several complications. So it is a combination of all favorite iTunes features with more user ease. In fact, there is a lot more comfortability and support in the iTools frame if you have felt tired of all tricks iTunes bring over you. So making your iOS management proper and flawless here we go for iTools Download. It is free in every version and will make iOS management super easy prioritizing the user ease.

What is iTools Download?

If you have known iTunes is the way official for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch management in any version, you may wonder why the need of iTools Free download here. It will be easily addressed if you have gone through both the iTunes and iTools even for once in the life. Simply, iTools download gives precedence to user-ease when iTunes happen to continue serving for the advanced user. iTools is the best alternative for Apple’s own iTunes with similar features and work rate but appearing more supportive towards the user. So iTools can be used to manage all of the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices running on any firmware. And with the updated iTools 4.0, you have the best compatibility for iOS 11 management with added iTools exclusive features. So let us now see what are they.

iTools Download Features for complete iOS Management

As the most recent upgrade one can trust in iTools Download, iTools 4 bundles amazing features. In addition to the identical iTunes features, there are more making the service of iTools exclusive. So check the features as below.

  • iTools Airplayer- You can enjoy the best screen viewing experience with the use of AirPlayer. It also offers the chance of screen sharing
  • Backup and Restore- This is one of the most used options iTools ever comes offering. So you can make super backups and speedy restores either through iTools Mac or Windows
  • iTools image Tool- This tool going let you preview any image in the original resolution. And there are more option for advanced editing, arranging, moving and more
  • Battery Master- One of the most useful and important features of iTools is its battery management opportunity. With this, you can have a closer look at the battery status including temperature, actual capacity, Voltage, SN value and more
  • Data migrating- If in the case you are switching to a new device, you will feel the need for a super data migrating feature. So iTools offers it so easily with the user frame to take speedy data migrates
  • Icon Arranger- With this feature, you can rearrange all your device icons and position just the way you desire
  • File explorer- To keep a good iOS management, it is so essential to have proper files arrangement. So making that true, iTools comes with file explorer
  • Ringtone Maker- One of the best customizations features iTools exclusively offers is Ringtone maker. From that, you can put your own music tracks, voice clips as the original ringtones so easily

Download iTools 2018 for Windows & Mac

Download iTools 2018

As you might already know, iTools is totally a desktop program that can be run through Windows or Mac. So you should start by downloading iTools to the PC and running the installation to start with the program. Then connect the device to the PC through a proper USB cable and go with the different sections and options. Since it all comes in a simple and comprehensible interface, there will be no difficulty in dealing out with any feature.

So try upgrading, backup and restore, transfer data, manage battery and all you did with iTunes through iTools Download. And just like it all worked for all years so far, iTools 2018 is now continuing the service for the times started from here. So keep trust like you always did and get with complete iOS management for free.