Quick roundup about iTools 4-Top iTunes alternative

As an iDevice user, you all know the importance of iTunes. It is the official iDevice management software solution. Even though it is the official management utility, the majority of users reject it due to the difficulty of using it. If you have fed up with iTunes too, then try out iTools 4 as the best alternative software which can be obtained as a freeware. The main objective of making this description is just to give a great idea about this software.

iTools 4

Get down to business!

Brilliant characteristics of download iTools 4

For offering users an amazing user- friendly experience, iTools 4 comes with the same interface of iTunes. Consequently; it is really is to deal with download iTools 4. Even one who lacks so much knowledge, as well as experience, can also go ahead with iTools. Keep in your mind that this application offers you a lot of features than the built-in iTunes application. There is no issue whether your handset has been undergone the jailbreaking procedure or not. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Meanwhile; you can download iTools 4 without paying any coins. We should be thankful to the hardworking developers of the ThinkSky Inc.

Additional tools of iTools download

When considering the iTools free download, it consists of a number of tools which allow you to perform a lot of amazing functions. Here, we would like to take a quick look at a few of them.

Let’s first take at the “AirPlayer”.

With the aid of AirPlayer, you will get the chance to play games, watch videos and browse the internet. Moreover; it is possible to share the screen if your iDevice, This characteristic becomes really important when you are at a meeting or a conference.

Check this out:

There is another tool which is known as the “Ringtone maker” on download iTools 4. This awesome tool is not present in the official management tool. This worthy tool has the capability of converting any song or a sound clip into a ringtone. Think how amazing is this! You can make your own ringtones. No need to depend on the default ringtones forever.

Good news:

Other than that; iTools 2018 offers you the “Image tool”. Through using this you can perform a bundle of functions. It is possible to preview any image with its absolute resolution. If the device is full of a messy bulk of images, simply you can arrange them in order using the image tool. If you feel that an image is unnecessary, then definitely you can delete them image-wise as well as album wise. Another important fact that we would like to state here is that sharing of images among Window or Mac-based desktop or laptop computers is a reality for the sake of iTools free. On the other hand, you can edit pictures easily with this tool.

Want to know more about another app on iTools?

Finally; we are going to concern about the Battery master app which plays a huge role in the battery health. This app provides you almost all of the information of the battery. Depending on that report, you can take necessary precautions for enhancing the battery life and performances.

The Bottom Line

There are more and more to state about iTools 4. We will cover them for the next post. Until that, stay tuned for our posts.

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