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iTools is a free alternative application to the iTunes. The iTunes grants users to manage iDevices in an easy manner. The simplified GUI rendering easy comprehension of managing iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices as well. Download iTools offers managing file explorer, battery server, storage, screen mirror, icons manager, icon fixer and more other features. It allows transfer items, backup/restore iDevice, creating unique ringtones, video converter, iTunes driver diagnostics instead of generally accessible feasibilities. As predicted iTools english download is the best rival application to iTunes.

What is iTools English?

iTools is a powerful alternative to iTunes bringing a host of latest features and functions essential for the complete iPhone, iPad and iPod management. It comes with an identical iTunes interface but offering a lot more than Apple's limited iTunes. So it simply addresses the need for complete management prioritizing the user comfort. And through the most recent upgraded iTools 4 version, things are better gifted to the user in the same free work frame but guaranteeing better results. So let me take a few minutes of your precious time and make you realize how important iTools free download for the neat management on your iOS. Having an iPhone, iPad or iPod you can handle so many things in the highest effective way. But you might have no idea about what are the things you could do taking the handling through the PC or Mac. In fact, you can make all files, media, and everything to a clean level of management when it is on the big screen. So take the turn to the latest iTools english and have all freedom within the frame of management. It is completely free and 100% user-friendly.

User-friendly interface, media manager, ringtone maker, music sharing are the basically encountering advantages of iTools download free. The latest iTools english version keeps several improvements and bug fixes by revamping the user interface pushing towards a new dimension. By installing iTools 4 download, you can download/play audio and video files on your iDevice easily. Regarding iTools, while searching for downloads the standard iTunes provides a library for all kind of downloading manners what compatible with Windows, iPhones and related iDevices.

Main Features of iTools English Download

iTools Battery Master

battery management is a feature we so often require. So here iTools english offers it similar to the iTunes way giving a complete report of the battery status. It includes actual capacity, temperature, Boot voltage, battery SN value, charging cycle, and more. Simply it helps you to preserve the battery and get the full out of it

Faster Backups and safe restores

backup is a so often used feature on every Apple device. So having iTools backup feature, you can easily backup all the content of the device faster than never before. And at any time you can use the restore feature to safely get back all them with no change. There is also support for application backups just in a one-click approach

Ringtone Maker

iTools has a different customization section collecting a number of useful features. And there, Ringtone maker is a special feature available exclusively for iTools. From this, you can set your own audio tracks as the original Apple ringtones. And additionally, there are more customization features with iTools like wallpapers, themes and etc

Image Tool

iTools gives you the image tool exclusive feature to take previewed your images in the original resolution. And also it offers advanced editing, makes orders, organizes, removes albums and more similar. And you also have access to share images easily among Windows and Mac selecting more than one for a time

Complete Solution for Data Migration

if you are in any plan of changing your iPhone to a newer, this is a useful feature to take all existing content safely to the new device. This helps faster data migration supporting a wide number of file formats. For example, for the image files, audio, video, mp 3, PDF files and more similar

iTools AirPlayer

iTools download helps you to enjoy the full-screen experience. So herewith iTools 4 feature AirPlayer, you can enjoy a vast screen either through iTools for Windows or iTools for Mac. You can also enjoy sharing your screen

Files Management with explorer

another important part of iOS management is files management. So herewith Files explorer, you can arrange the files orderly also enjoying edit, add and remove options from it

Icon Arranger

this is another interesting option comes with iTools allowing you to rearrange the icons of the device and have a change in the way screen looks. You can also enjoy adding and removing functions easily here

What is the Purpose of iTools Download?

As we repeatedly stated, iTools download is a super alternative to iTunes. Although Apple gives iTunes as the official solution for the complete need of management, we still find a majority looking for alternative solutions. The reason is, iTunes is Apple's way targetting the advanced user as always. But when that turns to be a complication for the ordinary user, the use of iTunes happens to be a matter in certain situations. In fact, iTunes is not coming in a user supportive frame where priority goes to the standards than the flexibility. So there, the first difference comes between iTunes and iTools with respect to its nature and all performance.

If you are new to iTools and still wonder why should download iTools when Apple gives, iTunes as the official solution, the best way to introduce it is as simply the best way to take whole management replacing iTunes. In fact, when iTunes follow the standards maintaining its tight frames, iTools comes flexible in the hand of every user. So simply, it addresses the need for complete iOS management fitting the different weights and sizes of the requirement of iOS management of different users. Then why you wait to grab iTools free download?

Additional Characteristics of iTools free Download

  • This is a freeware. Hence, you are able to download iTools latest version for free of charge simply clicking on above mentioned direct download links.
  • It is compatible with all Windows versions and there is no matter with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • iTools download can convert mp3 files to m4r file format as well as transforming video files into mp4.
  • Allows users to share items easily.
  • There are no any plague plugins or advertisements in this application.
  • Download iTools english version can work with jailbroken iDevices as same as non-jailbroken devices.
  • Can search for lyrics of your favorite songs, iBook options, and more others.

More About iTools 4 Download - The Latest Release

iTools receives constant updates aiming the real benefit towards the user. And by now, iTools 4 is the latest update to the public from the best free iTunes alternative from which you are gifted the most advanced management techniques. Just as always, latest version comes completely free to the user offering more and more features and functions in addition to the existing. So it helps with supportive backup and restores, complete media management, best screen experience, complete data migration, a lot of customization features and more. And here with iTools 4 download, it gives support for the latest iOS 11 firmware including the versions currently sign. So if you take the latest version of iTools free download, you can enjoy all features in a more stable frame on any iPhone, iPad or iPod device running up to the latest iOS 11.3/ iOS 11.3.1.

Above the other tool versions, iTools download comes in an improved work frame. So you can easily download iTools english latest update on your Windows PC or Mac to make connections to the smart device. Latest version is completely free and bundles various exclusive features to keep the user more excited and completely happy with results.

Download iTools 4

This tool is similar to iTunes store that can use on iPhone and other mobile iDevices. All the features included on iTunes are majorly focused by iTools free download plus extra advanced feasibilities. iTools 4 download GUI works as same as iTunes and provides the alternative store in the similar space inside. Be a part of the iTools download community by clicking exposed direct download links below.

Complete Guide to Download iTools for Windows

This awesome application permits access to the entire file system on your iDevice. Then it allows you to manage and engage with previously explained other features. You are able to synchronize images, audio files, videos and other stuff with this tool with a single click. Creating notes, calendar entries and edit contents are naturally encountering additional performances. Find the better way to connect with iTools english download on the following instructions.

  • Step 01: Get iTools for Mac or Windows PC and install properly.
  • Step 02: Let the tool to install driver packages.
  • Step 03: Connect the iDevice using a recommended USB lightning cable.
  • Step 04: Then the tool will detect the attached mobile device in the next moment.
  • Step 05: After that, it will display the general interface with multiple options.
  • Step 06: Open each option and explore features as you need.

iTools for Mac and Windows

Thankfully iTools is available through both Mac and Windows PC. So here you are about the system requirements to make the best compatibility.

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and up to Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.7 and upper

Installation of iTools is simple as its download. In fact, you only required to download iTools for Windows PC or iTools for Mac and run the installation as the screen directs. Then connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod to the desktop PC through a proper USB cable support. Then let the device gets detected by the program. Once done, you can go with each different category and enjoy backup, restore, data migration, desktop management, file explorer, best battery management and more.

Download iTools - Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages (Pros)
  • Provides all the features of iTunes plus extra feasibilities.
  • User-friendly interface to easy comprehension.
  • Offered several features that Apple does not provide yet.
  • Backup, remove, reset and restore items.
Disadvantages (Cons)
  • Shows a tiny slow while loading items.
  • Does not allow to access iTunes store to download items.

iTools Download - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is iTools same as the Apple's official iTunes?

This is not answerable in a single word. In fact, these come as two different programs but in the same end purpose. So both iTunes and iTools work for the need of iOS management. But when iTunes happens to be the Apple's official lead for it, iTools comes as just a third party alternative program. So if you choose iTools Free in the update 4, you can enjoy all iPhone, iPad and iPod management on any firmware to the fullest. Both these share identical features but iTools differs when it prioritizes the user ease when iTunes happen to maintain the standards.

  • What are the main iTools 4 Functions and Features?

Just as above stated descriptively, iTools 4 brings amazing opportunity for iOS management. And with its expanded compatibility up to iOS 11 firmware, anyone up to the latest can now enjoy iTools Features on any device model. So rather than stick with iTunes complications, you can here give a try to iTools in attempting a migration, backup, restore, firmware upgrade/ downgrade or any function.

  • Should you take iTools 4?

Taking iTools as the way to manage your iDevice is a decision to take your own. But once you are done, you would realize how useful it is for all purpose in a true supportive interface. But make sure to get prepared with either Windows or Mac as there is no way to take iTools directly on mobile. In fact, it is completely a desktop program.

  • Does iTools Download require a jailbreak to function?

No. iTools has no relation to the state of jailbreak of the device. In fact, iTools can be installed on both jailbroken and none jailbroken devices in order to fulfill the need of complete management. And in case if you already are jailbroken, there will be an exclusive feature to keep your state of jailbreak fine

  • Does iTools supports both Windows and Mac?

Yes. iTools supports through both Windows PC and Mac. But there is still no way you can directly take iTools on your smart device. So before all, you should prepare your Mac or Windows PC with correct drivers installed. Then install latest iTunes before start with iTools Free Download.

  • If I fail with iTools Download?

As stated, iTools is an extremely friendly program that promises complete management and handling of your iOS. So there would hardly be a chance to fail with iTools. But in case if you have failed, be patient and give several more attempts as you fail. Depending on the device model and firmware with it, there would be some crashes and lags in the download and installation. So take several attempts and install iTools.

Final Words to iTools Download

This is the best rival application to iTunes and it grants more facilities that the standard iTunes. The detailed application can transfer music and related files at a super fast rate than any other tool. Once selected the computer as the syncing media, it automatically syncs all the latest content to the selected space. Images can export from the device to another location and permit natural resolution for a high-quality experience. To take all these advantages there is only one step you have to follow that iTools download on a Windows computer and enjoy managing items easily.

Just as discussed in various sections, iTools is beneficial for the user in a number of ways. It gives support for all iPhone, iPad and iPad devices depending on the firmware. And as iTools english now brings the extended support up to iOS 11 all firmware, now everyone can enjoy iTools updated features for the complete need of iOS management. When it comes to its features, there are more than just meet in the eye at the first. So it is your turn to a powerful iOS management session here by taking iTools in the updated 4.0 version.

Developer Thanks

iTools receives time to time updates in targeting more supportive features and functions to all users. So here we should give all thanks to iTools developers for all effort they take to make the program user supportive and encouraging. The latest iTools 4 is the current most recommended and downloaded version from which developers have given improved features and sections above Apple's iTunes latest. So having iTools for Mac or iTools for Windows, you can experience best iOS management for all free. And all above you will feel completely free and comfortable in every feature there above the official iTunes. So take your turn to the smart and latest trend of iOS management with iTools download.

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