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iTools Download is a free alternative application to the largest part of iDevices users already known as iTunes. Install iTunes on a Windows platform grants users to manage iDevices in an easy manner. The simplified GUI rendering easy comprehension of managing iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices as well. Download iTools offers managing file explorer, battery server, storage, screen mirror, icons manager, icon fixer and more other features. It allows transfer items, backup/restore iDevice, creating unique ringtones, video converter, iTunes driver diagnostics instead of generally accessible feasibilities. As predicted iTools english download is the best rival application to iTunes.

iTools Download

User-friendly interface, media manager, ringtone maker, music sharing are the basically encountering advantages of iTools download free. The latest iTools english version keeps several improvements and bug fixes by revamping the user interface pushing towards a new dimension. By installing iTools 4 download, you can download/play audio and video files on your iDevice easily. Regarding iTools free download, while searching for downloads the standard iTunes provides a library for all kind of downloading manners what compatible with Windows, iPhones and related iDevices.

Download iTools for Windows

This tool is similar to iTunes store that can use on iPhone and other mobile iDevices. All the features included on iTunes are majorly focused by iTools free download plus extra advanced feasibilities. iTools 4 download GUI works as same as iTunes and provides the alternative store in the similar space inside. Be a part of the iTools download community by clicking exposed direct download links below.

iTools Download

Main Features of iTools 4 Download

  • Data management: You are free to add, remove, edit, copy or move files with file manager feature on the detailed application. It grants users to drag and drop files to remove and place data between the computer and the iDevice.

  • Arrange icons easily: The latest iTools 4 application allows you to arrange all the icons appearing on the home screen simply by dragging from the place to desired spaces.

  • Battery master: It shows the battery health, charging status, boot voltage, battery mfr, design capacity, required current, battery SN/temperature, actual capacity, inbuild voltage, and allows managing device performances to save battery.

  • Backup and restore files: Using the backup and restore function it provides take backups and restore them on any occasion. Just a simple process to take backups with this option, select all the files and folders that you need to backup and click the backup button to complete backup. The restoring process is same as the backup manner. click the restore button to take easily restore files on iDevices.

  • Image Tool: This is another great option that combined with iTools download. You can preview all the images that stored in your device storage with this function.

  • Data Transfer: To send data from/to PC to/from the iDevice is now more efficient with the speaker application. Download iTools for Windows PC to explore more.

  • Ringtone maker: If you have strived to make ringtones from your device and unable to perform, this is the correct opportunity to make your dream come true. iTools english download offers to make ringtones as your wish in an easy manner.

Complete Guide to Download iTools on your PC

This awesome application permits access to the entire file system on your iDevice. Then it allows you to manage and engage with previously explained other features. You are able to synchronize images, audio files, videos and other stuff with this tool with a single click. Creating notes, calendar entries and edit contents are naturally encountering additional performances. Find the better way to connect with iTools english download on the following instructions.

  • Get iTools for Mac or Windows PC and install properly.
  • Let the tool to install driver packages.
  • Connect the iDevice using a recommended USB lightning cable.
  • Then the tool will detect the attached mobile device in the next moment.
  • After that, it will display the general interface with multiple options.
  • Open each option and explore features as you need.

Additional Characteristics of iTools Download

iTools Download
  • This is a freeware. Hence, you are able to download iTools latest version for free of charge simply clicking on above mentioned direct download links.
  • It is compatible with all Windows versions and there is no matter with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • iTools download can convert mp3 files to m4r file format as well as transforming video files into mp4.
  • Allows users to share items easily.
  • There are no any plague plugins or advertisements in this application.
  • Download iTools english version can work with jailbroken iDevices as same as non-jailbroken devices.
  • Can search for lyrics of your favorite songs, iBook options, and more others.

iTools English Version Download on Windows PC

iTools Download - Advantages & Disadvantages

As usual, there are some advantages and disadvantages of the iTools 4 version. Find all the pros and cons related to the tool from the below.

Advantages (Pros)

  • Provides all the features of iTunes plus extra feasibilities.
  • User-friendly interface to easy comprehension.
  • Offered several features that Apple does not provide yet.
  • Backup, remove, reset and restore items.

Disadvantages (Cons)

  • Shows a tiny slow while loading items.
  • Does not allow to access iTunes store to download items.

Special Tips for iTools Free Download

This is the best rival application to iTunes and it grants more facilities that the standard iTunes. The detailed application can transfer music and related files at a super fast rate than any other tool. Once selected the computer as the syncing media, it automatically syncs all the latest content to the selected space. Images can export from the device to another location and permit natural resolution for a high-quality experience. To take all these advantages there is only one step you have to follow that iTools download on a Windows computer and enjoy managing items easily.